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All the reviews by Dead Milkman - A Top 500 Reviewer!
Art Primo Blackbook 11x14 by Dead Milkman - A Top 500 Reviewer! 11/25/2019
Art Primo Blackbook 11x14 Another great product from ArtPrimo. I ordered one of these books over 3years ago on this site and it has withstood being carried around and tossed about, countless sticker buffs and spray paint buffs, being left in cars in hot southern california summers for weeks on end. Seriously, this book is an inch thicker than when I bought it because of all the pages i've buffed with paint and stickers, and with minimal damage. Nothing a little clear tape can't handle haha.
I have another that is about 2 years old and if you are mindful about taking care of them they will hold up very well, no tape needed.
The pages are quality. Thick enough for permanent markers not to bleed onto the next page. Even paint markers are usable on the raw pages, which is not the case for most sketchbooks in this price range.
As I mentioned, you can spraypaint these pages to create backgrounds to use paint markers on top of. Fun way to kill scraps. And the smoothness of the spraypaint will keep your nibs crispy longer. Highly recommend flat/satin spraypaint and one4all markers for that
Great quality, great price and an Art Primo logo on the front cover to boot. These can't be beat.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Ironlak Fluid Acrylic 45ml - Refill Paint by Dead Milkman - A Top 500 Reviewer! 11/25/2019
Ironlak Fluid Acrylic 45ml - Refill Paint Grabbed a few bottles to compare to the molotow one4all markers, which are my personal favorites. I assume most people here have used the molotow markers so please bear with my comparisons.
Threw this Ironlak fluid in some ArtPrimo 8mm markers and one4all 4mm and 2mm markers. They flow great in the 4 and 8mm markers, and good/fair in the 2mm.
The coverage is good. Not as opaque as the one4alls, but those set a high standard. You will need an extra coat or two to achieve the same coverage.
The eureka is similar to the sahara beige one4all, but slightly lighter and more yellow. The afterburn is very similar to the one4all lobster, and the electro is like a greener version of the one4all middle shock blue. The electro is especially bright/popping.
Very fair price for the quality and selection of colors. You get more ink per bottle at almost half the price of the one4all refills. They're a great option for canvases and blackbooks without breaking the bank. Just wish ArtPrimo sold the ironlak paint markers these inks go with; buying empties is cool but they cost about as much as the filled ironlak paint pens. Still worth it. I especially recommend the 8mm AP hit-n-go marker.
I could see myself picking up more of these in the future to suppliment my one4all stash. They have some great colors I would love to try out. Thanks AP! Peace

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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Pilot Parallel Pen Calligraphy 6.0mm Set by Dead Milkman - A Top 500 Reviewer! 11/25/2019
Pilot Parallel Pen Calligraphy 6.0mm Set Whether you're a begginner doodling for fun or have been a serious practitioner for years, the pilot parallel is a great option for anyone interested in calligraphy.
Like the description says, the nibs on these pens consist of two parallel metal plates that allow ink to flow in between, giving you very clean and crispy lines.
What the description doesn't mention is that if you have more than one pen, no matter what sized nib, you can gradate different colors simply by touching the nibs of 2 or more pens (holding one upside down allows it's ink to flow into one being held right side up). It's a fun, quick and effective way to create gradients while writing. The more pens and colors of ink you have, the more possibilities.
The ink cartridges that pilot makes are great quality for the price. They do tend to take some time to fully dry on glossier paper so be mindful if you're aiming for cleanliness.
You can always upgrade by refilling empty cartidges with your favorite WATERCOLOR ink, so don't toss your empties when you're done. Reuse, reduce, recycle (:
***Do Not Use Anything Other Than WATERCOLOR Ink*** Other inks tend to be too thick and you risk damaging your nib and feed system beyond repair. That means none of the buttery alcohol based pilot ink we all love. Sorry, learn from my mistakes people.
Smoother paper will require you to clean your pen less frequently, rougher paper more often since paper fibers will accumulate in the nib faster.
Comes with everything you need to keep your pen in top shape. Only takes a few minutes to clean, which you won't need to do very often.
The affordability and easy maintainence make it as great a tool for a novice as the reliability and performance make it for someone who has spent many hours honing a craft.
As usual Art Primo brings you great products at prices that beat the big chain art supplies stores. Pick a couple pens and a pack of cartridges. You won't be dissapointed.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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