my purple ink universal recipe

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is this ink whack?

f*ck ya fooll ..
this ink is illllll.. mom's gonna be pissed about the carpet though.
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my purple ink universal recipe

Postby jarediscoolio on Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:25 am

typed this one up cause i was bored.. please reply and add tips for me and the others.

purple ink universal recipe for alllll refillable ink markers (NOT TESTED ON PAINT MARKERS)

tweezzers or pliers ------------------------------------------optional.
strainer( the finer the better) -----------------------------optional.
DOT-3 brake fluid-------------------------------------------- optional.
something like a grocery bag ------- -------------------1
bottle. something large and trustworthy,------------1
rubbing alcohol ( more than 80% alcohol )---------The amount of ink you want.
black ballpoint pens. ------------------------------------- atleast 2 bags. ('bout 100 pens so you'll be good for more batches.)
grocery bags.------------------------------------------------like 4.

(all this stuff can be bought at your local grocery store, even the brake fluid---it'll be on the same aisle as the insect repellant.

1.take the pens apart and cut the peices that hold the ink into fourths or halves
2.pour the rubbing alcohol into the bag and drop the peices in it.

continue until you get the consistancy and darkness you want
or slighty before that texture so you can add dot 3---makes it stain hard.
(litterly add drops, to much will f*ck the batch.)

(you should make a batch for a certain marker before you run out so you can get
the exact texture as the oringal -or thinner, NEVER thicker)
(if the ink gets to thin, add a little grape kool aid mix to thinken. (makes the ink smell good too!))
4.once the ink looks good stir or shake the bag (CAREFULLY)
cause if that sh*t spills on mom's carpet, you gonna be salty.
5. use your fingers, tweezers, pliers or dump the ink though the strainer to get out all the peices out.
Note- if using strainer, you can dump the ink into another grocery bag
6. use the funnel to pour the ink into your marker, mop, or other type of marking tool.

-Other notes.
marbles or ball bearings are not required.(take up space and make noise,)
clean orignal nib reallly good before you load this sh*t.
HOW-dip the nib in paint thinner or windex and then wash troughly with water and let dry before juicing it with this ink,
if the marker your using is make of plastic i heard that the brake fluid can eat it away and ink will get everywhere.. soo be careful. (store in clean tied up grocery bag with the marker facing up.
its, art.
legalize it.
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Postby SKi on Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:07 pm

the bag will break just get like a jar or sumthan
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Postby dotdotdot on Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:16 pm

i read two lines then scrolled down to see the rest and said f*ck this.
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Postby narcoze on Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:34 am

* :evil: double topics are unneccesary :evil: *
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