OTR 901 Soul Tip Paint
OTR 901 Soul Tip Paint
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Introducing the all new Soultip paint. This alcohol based paint is reformulated with high gloss finish ... more▾ 

Reviews (11)  4.5 of 5 Stars!

Spektr 04/18/2022
Mixing this with the violet flow pen ink creates such a nice tag in a mop!  5 of 5 Stars!

Waze 04/11/2022
I got the red and blue. Really nice paint. Perfect for any mop. I mixed a really nice purple out of these 2. OTR is the sh*t  5 of 5 Stars!

slik.one 08/11/2021
This is pretty typical paint, you can run it through pretty much any marker, I have only tried the black and silver, they are both pretty good. The chrome is not the shiniest, but is still pretty visible from a distance. Overall good ink, would recommend.  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous Guy 06/23/2021
I got two bottles of the White and silver. This formula runs great in mops or AP empty markers. I personally make a magic ink mix which hits pretty hard. I also rock the White in the AP hit n go  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 10/20/2019
Chrome is shiny but I wouldn/t run it through a mop.(needs lots of shaking)
The green (not the neon) is personally not the color I was after, I call it liberty green because its green with a blue hue.
Nice flow, good fade resistance in full sun.  5 of 5 Stars!

dvck 04/11/2019
this is my favorite street for metal tip markers and mops. if you want streaks with this add Flowpen, but it's very solid and smooth on it's own.  5 of 5 Stars!

Mario 02/07/2017
Only bought the chrome and its a very good chrome. Supeer shiney!
Only thing is try and shake the ink everyday because if you leave it sitting the pigment goes to the bottom and the alchohol goes to the top. I put it in the toxic SHOCKERand i was unsatisifed until i read some reviews on the t Shocker and i decided to clean out the marker and use the ink on an Ap drip mop that had Ap's blue paint and it looks dope as it was very little blue it gave the silver a blue tint and it drips pretty well in the drip mop lol  5 of 5 Stars!

bumble berry 12/28/2016
I used the black in a OTR .001 soultip and I don't really have any complaints it can get good drips and it flowed okay.  4 of 5 Stars!

BVRTRON 10/02/2016
Impressed by the versatility, I own the Violet color. I got it for the art primo drip mops & works great! Drippy & very solid! Dries quick with glossy finish.

Works just as well in Valve markers. I filled the (Empty) Montana acrylic fine tip marker with 6 ml round nib & the paint flows thru no prob!

Great in Mops & Markers! Legitness  4 of 5 Stars!

Johndee 02/21/2016
I wanted to do the Pepsi challenge with the .901Paint so I picked up the "Hot Pink" personally I like colours that work on light/dark surfaces. also I have the pink .401Paint, I dont know if I would really call the.901 a Hot Pink but Fuchsia. The smell is almost NON-existent with the new formula and its a heck of alot easier to open than the .401Paint, I used a OTR.006 Soultip and I haven't had any streaking, and It writes really easy on smooth surfaces, I had to use a lot of pressure to get heavy drips (I leave the regulator in the Nib) but definitely more pressure than the .401 Paint. As for Dry time the Drips took longer to Dry than the .401Paint I have. I can't speak for the other colours but the Hot Pink has more of a satin sheen to it unless you manage to flood the Tag. As for being opaque it is very bright for the most part on dark surfaces. Marker Ink wants to leach through the .901Paint I have noticed, after going over some previous Ink pieces it turned the Hot Pink muddy and unreadable. The .901Paint does flow better in the nibs of pump markers like the .060/,160 than the .401Paint did. Daily writing in FL weather for a week and its been Up and Down. It's really been a 50/50Paint so far.
Its all a matter of figuring out what it works on best. Its worth the purchase, its a nice price for the amount.  4 of 5 Stars!

whynot152 02/18/2016
Bought the chrome silver and put it in a mini crusher. It writes kind of streaky doesn't really drip and I squeezed it so hard(pause) it pop the nib right out and paint went all over my sweater... going throw it in a mini drip mop next to see if it flows better. Also bought the black and threw it in a toxic shocker and it writes nice even duh the marker leaked twice in my pocket even with the nib in place, might have been a bad marker as it had a crack along side of it.. waiting on replacement to marker to retest.  3 of 5 Stars!