Drip Mop Mini Nib Replacement
Drip Mop Mini Nib Replacement
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This nib features a spring valve and smooth felt nib, measured at 11mm at the felt diameter. This is ... more▾ 

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Question: is there a way to clean the nib? I want to know how to clean a nib. do I put it in water? or should I just buy new ones?
Answer:(AP Reply)It would be better to just buy new ones. Depending on the paint you use, cleaning can get really messy. No worries, the 5-pack sold on the site was created so you get more bang for your buck!

Question: Can I use these nibs for OTR:006 Soultip Squeeze Marker?
Answer:(AP Reply)No, but we sell the replacement nibs of this mop as the 7mm Replacement Nib Single [1004025] on the site.

Question: How many mm is this?
Answer:(AP Reply)Depending on where you measure it, 10-12. Its the same nib as the K60.

Question: good for the mini cutty mop?
Answer:(AP Reply)No. Toxic nib, like in the description.

Question: can you use this on the toxic shocker, or is it the same?
Answer:(AP Reply)http://artprimo.com/catalog/toxic-shocker-nib-5-pack-p-1514.-

Question: whats up AP? do these nibs for the mini drip mop come in mohair? if not what can i do to make mine last longer cuz i went out writing with some smash ink in the drip mop, filled it that morning, went out at like noon and only put up like 9 handstyles because after that my nib was eaten to sh*t and the felt fell of the marker...get back to me please, thanks.8=D
Answer:(AP Reply) I use Smash with these nibs all the time. Smash is very similar to Marsh and I used that ink for years with these nibs with no major problems. Do nibs occasionally break? Yes sometimes. But thats because the nibs are not made to precision. Its a freaking felt pad fused to plastic. And graffiti kids are using it in a way it wasn't originally intended for. Its all good ese. NIBS ARE CHEAP. Bulk up next time.

Question: can you use it for the AP mini mop?
Answer:(AP Reply)yes

Question: suitable for the molotow drip?
Answer:(AP Reply)no sorry. Coming soon

Question: can these work on the toxic shocker??
Answer:(AP Reply)no. there already is a nib for the toxic shocker
 (Anonymous Says:) oh aha my badoh aha my bad

Question: Are they mo-hair nibs?
Answer:(AP Reply)no they are woven fiber.

Question: what marker is it for
Answer:(AP Reply)The drip mop, K-6*