Molotow Chalk Spray Paint
Molotow Chalk Spray Paint
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Molotow Chalk Pigment Spray Paint Molotow's washable chalk-based spray paint is great for events, ... more▾ 

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Question: is this stuff safe to use on skin/ does it wash off of skin cleanly?
Answer:(AP Reply)This is a waterbased, solvent free paint. But the pigments themselves might stain. We/d heavily recommend testing a small area of skin before applying.

Question: Hi I am a intern at the Hudson Valley Museum For Contemporary, I am doing a street art project. whats the typical yield out of one can? Do you have any discount for museums/ education centers? Also how long will this stay up? I am looking for something that will provide a good quality murals and will last for at least a month.
Answer:(AP Reply)Hi there,

These are best suited for advertising purposes on the street. While you could use them on a wall, you are best suited using any of our popular brands and repainting the wall when done. That would be far cheaper and more suitable for art. We offer qty discounts on Molotow, Flame-Blue & Flame Classic. Give us a call for details/minimums 206365403. Ask for Dan.

Question: If sprayed on a blacktop road, would it wash off only when it rains, I suppose?
I'm the guy who asked about using it to mark a road race course, so I'm wondering if it would wash away if we got a heavy rainstorm after I sprayed, before the race.
I'm also wondering how many complaints I'd get if it didn't wash off for a month! Let's assume it rains 2 hours per week. How long before it would wear off?
Answer:(AP Reply)One question per post please. To answer your first question, maybe but probably not. Its designed to be non permanent, but last so you will probably have to go back and clean it with soapy water and a brush.

I cant fully answer your second question actually. There are way to many unknowns. Check with your local city regarding regulations and such. That would be the first step.

Question: I'm helping to organize a local 5K road race, and we thought we might use washable spray paint to mark the course. (5K is about 3 miles).
I was originally thinking about marking the entire 3 miles with spray, but I'm afraid that would get rather expensive.
If sprayed in a continuous line, about how much distance would one can cover? I know it would depends upon the volume applied, so let's assume a light to medium volume is released. (Maybe while driving slowly in a car. The driver would not be the one spraying, of course!)
Answer:(AP Reply)This paint has been successfully used for that numerous times.

Question: how many square feet do you think a can covers? Thinking about this for a sidewalk promotion. Thx
Answer:(AP Reply)If you know what you are doing about 4X6. If you aren't quite an Aerosol Savant then I suggest budgeting for a 4X4 area.

Question: you think this sh*t would work good for painting on windows for like a pizza place, like advertise? how not permanent is this stuff, make a video broooo i wanna see how it actually sprays,

ps dont they got new looking cans for the spray chalk
Answer:(AP Reply)Yes you can use it for that. That's what most people buy it for. Advertising. It behaves just like a Premium can. Pressure spray are very similar. You can use any cap that works with Molotow. Yes there is a new label. its the same product. New look.

Question: Is it possible to be shipped internationally?? thanks.
Answer:(AP Reply)not in small qty

Question: Would you lol if I got some of this and stenciled a decepticon logo on a short bus?
Answer:(AP Reply)yes

Question: Can you please tell me what is the point of this?
Answer:(AP Reply)Movies, TV Shows, advertising, street art, The possibilities are endless.
 (AmazingStreetPainting Says:) Can be used with a stencil for advertising on the sidewalk or street. Faster than using regular chalk, and isn't illegal, like spray paint, since it's not permanent.Can be used with a stencil for advertising on the sidewalk or street. Faster than using regular chalk, and isn't illegal, like spray paint, since it's not permanent.

Question: how many oz is it
Answer:(AP Reply)its the same as all the other Molotow cans. 400ml

Question: def wanna cop some of this, but does it work with normal caps?
Answer:(AP Reply)yes it does