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Ultra Wide Nib - Soft Questions And Answers
You guys should Restock on hard nibs
ArtPrimo: they arent made anymore.
Yo AP are you guys completley out of hard nibs? I finally found an ultra but the soft nib is @$$ and thats all the cats got.
ArtPrimo: Its all good. the masterpiece is a far better marker anyways
why are these nibs so expensive?
ArtPrimo: Because they are only for collectors. Dont buy these unless you collect anachronisms.
why are you knocking the ultra? its a wide @$$ marker that fits really nicely in your pocket! for a marker collector its a cornerstone of the collection! im going to treat it well, use it on special occasions and only feed it dyes! and pick up some nibs from you guys to keep it rocking! and the place i found em has more... im probably gonna get another and never use it ever so i can put it in a museum or some sh*t like that!
ArtPrimo: Good luck with that!
is an ultra atleast worth its collectable value?
ArtPrimo: I dont think so. But I also dont understand why people pay so much (and wait in line) for a pair of Special Edition nikes, made in China for less than 5 bux. Shoe heads are retarded.
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Ultra Wide Nib - Soft
Ultra Wide Nib - Soft