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Stencil Cap Questions And Answers
Does it matter if it's a male or female can ?
Thank you
ArtPrimo: As long as the hole on the stencil cap matches the nozzles you should be just fine.
The spot where it snaps around that lip, is that some standard size... would it fit those painters touch cans?
ArtPrimo: yes yes
Not to sure why this is needed?is it to keep the paint from going past the cutout so you dont get the square corners?im heavy in stenceiling outdoors and need to be quick,half my stuff has that
ArtPrimo: The name is a misnomer. Its actually not for stenciling. I suppose the term "stencil cap" comes from the fact that the cap is blocking part of the spray like a stencil does. But it is incorrect since you are not stenciling with it, but diverting the spray. The name is a long used slang term, and these have been around since the 90's. Its for creating ultra fine lines when doing graffiti pieces and characters. They are best suited for low pressure caps for obvious reasons. I prefer to call them HEX caps. He was the one that invented them originally. And I find it offensive that his name isn't even mentioned with these caps anymore. But what do I know, I'm just some old cruster.
can you use these w/ high pressure caps or the black tar paint?
ArtPrimo: I would not recommend doing that. Low pressure and grey dots is the way to go.
Hey should you get this if you doing high deatil peicing and are experienced coz im not really at that stage like i peice but not so highdeatail, would i still need this
ArtPrimo: well its a helpful tool. just dont depend on it.
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Stencil Cap
Stencil Cap