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All the reviews by GASP23 - A Top 100 Reviewer!
Pilot Jumbo Marker by GASP23 - A Top 100 Reviewer! 08/27/2019
Pilot Jumbo Marker This is a very simple marker, but very effective. It's been around for many years, so grab one and try a piece of graffiti history.

The black stripe version (the only one sold here) is xylene based and therefore smelly in enclosed spaces.

The tip is pretty soft, making it easy to write with. It is pretty durable, and can actually be flipped if it gets too beat up.

Black is fairly fade resistant, but the other colors are not, so they're better suited for indoors.

It has no mixing ball and no valve, so it is totally silent, If it's getting streaky, time to juice up the wadding inside. You need to refill it with a flowy ink. You can use the awesome stock pilot ink, but it's also compatible with magic ink or other xylene inks if you wanted to change it up. . Be careful though, as putting too much ink in will make it leak. If you can turn the body upside down (just the metal body and wadding, no tip) for 30 seconds with no dripping, you will be safe.

At $3.50, it's easily the best value for a jumbo marker that's ready to go right when you grab it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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OTR 4001 Bullet Empty Marker by GASP23 - A Top 100 Reviewer! 08/27/2019
OTR 4001 Bullet Empty Marker I tried two fills: 100% OTR hard to buff, and 30% OTR hard to buff/70% OTR silver soultip paint.

In general: Feels good in the hand, and isn't too short to hold like a regular marker. It's also nice if you want to put the back end of it into your palm and write that way. Overall, a great shape. The nib is a great balance between soft and durable, and it's a great size for many different situations. It's like a slightly harder bullet tip version of a UNI PX-30 nib. In fact, you might be able to rock a PX-30 nib in this marker.

They made it easy to refill by making the opening wide and incorporating the valve into the portion that screws off, and also made it easy to dump out by having a plastic piece that keeps the marble from falling out. However, you need a roll of tape or something to hold it up while filling it because it has no flat bottom to stand up on its own.

100% OTR hard to buff: This marker writes streak free, totally kicks ass, and can go pretty long before pumping it again.

30/70 mixture: I'm honestly disappointed. I tried this after seeing the green ranger do it, and copied his ratio, but It goes dry after a letter or two. I think I need to keep adding more hard to buff. Maybe I will find the flow I need at 50/50 or more.

I definitely recommend it with a flowy ink like OTR hard to buff or OTR flowpen ink. At $3.50 it's hard to beat.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Texta Opaque S. Broad Line by GASP23 - A Top 100 Reviewer! 08/27/2019
Texta Opaque S. Broad Line This is my favorite of the jumbo pump markers category. I have tried white and silver.

The marker itself is pretty straightforward, similar to most jumbo 15mm pump markers. Where it shines is the nib, which is a bit softer than you see from the other companies. It is also t-style rather than a reversible rectangle. I believe this creates an internal well between the valve and the nib, keeping more paint ready to flow. Whether it's the nib, the ink or both, these markers flow really well for their size, definitely outshining many of the streaky competitors in the 15mm paint marker category. The softness of the nib helps you keep the full width writing more consistently than I experienced with molotow 620pp, for example. However, don't expect flow on the level of a molotow masterpiece or other thin ink marker.

The silver is opaque and flows very nicely. On paper or other highly porous materials, it can bleed outward past the silver marks. The white isn't as opaque as the silver, but it flows well too. Both can be combined with magic ink to create mixed color effects, which turn out really well and increase the flow of the marker. Check out the green ranger videos about that.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Magic Ink 500 Fine Tip Marker by GASP23 - A Top 100 Reviewer! 08/27/2019
Magic Ink 500 Fine Tip Marker This is a great product, simple and effective.

I got a few of these in mix packs, and I have been very fond of them for blackbooks and stickers. They have the awesome magic ink black, but in a nice small bullet tip, similar to the pilot bullet tip. It's a great companion to get the fine details that the glass bodies can't achieve. Since I have more than one, I like to keep one very sharp and fresh and one with a beat up tip, allowing for finer and wider lines.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Magic Ink Solid Paint Marker by GASP23 - A Top 100 Reviewer! 08/27/2019
Magic Ink Solid Paint Marker I've only tried red.

This is a great streaker. It's smaller than a sakura or AP solid, but it's also a bit cheaper. It's very soft, definitely competitive with the AP solid for the softest and butteriest streaker. The ganko streaker has excellent opacity and fast dry time, just like its competitors. I also think that its body is less conspicuous than other streakers, looking more like a regular pen or marker. This is aided by the Japanese label, which is indiscernible to most people.

Unlike a sakura, you can freely retract the stick back as much as you like, and the advance/retract mechanism feels smoother and requires less force than any other I've tried. The cap is also a nice click on style, rather than the press-fit of other brands, making it easier to remove. I think we've all had a sakura or ap solid cap get stuck for a moment, which is a minor complaint, but worth mentioning.

My biggest criticism is the small color palette. Sakura and AP solids come in many more colors. However, if you're looking for one of these 5 classic colors, try one out. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'll definitely be back when I'm looking for more.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Magic Ink 60ml Refill by GASP23 - A Top 100 Reviewer! 08/27/2019
Magic Ink 60ml Refill I've tried every color except the pale orange, yellow ochre, and olive green in marker form, but in bottle form, I've tried black, blue, red, purple, and white.

Every Color Except White:

This is a great line of dye ink. very stainy and bleeds through, but also versatile and will mix into many oil and alcohol based paints. I've successfully mixed it with pentel presto and white shorty, daiso correction pens, uni paints, texta 950s, rustoleum bucket paint (in a press n go), OTR soultip paint,

The ink works well for bombing, but is also very suited for slaps and blackbooks. On paper, the ink can blend pretty well due to its slower drying time, which is caused by the xylene base. The downside to this is that the ink can spread outward from where it is applied, making it less precise if applied heavily on porous surfaces.

The black is fairly fade resistant, but the other colors unfortunately are not. This is pretty much universal to dye inks, they all fade in the sun fairly quickly. I think they do better than OTR flowpen ink, though.

This product is typical of Xylene based markers and inks in that it is smelly. You definitely want to have some ventilation when using it indoors.

White Only:

This is a decent white paint/pigment ink that requires a pump action marker. It flows fairly well and behaves similarly to Uni paint white. I liked it best in the AP hit n go 8mm marker, but also works well in the bullet tip ones. I find that it separates in the nib, so when you want to get the marker going again, you need to pump it a bunch and write it around on some scratch paper until it is back up to full opacity.

This paint actually has a nicer smell than most oil based paints. it is an oddly nice sweet smell (compared to others) and is definitely unique from uni paint, deco color, and pentel white. I still recommend some ventilation wile using it.

5/5, this is a great product, and while I have some criticisms, I find myself using it all the time. Definitely a must try.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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