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All the reviews by typa - A Top 10 Reviewer!
Pentel White Shorty - 100W by MAEM - A Top 10 Reviewer! 07/17/2010
Pentel White Shorty - 100W these are about "3.5 long and as wide as your standard jumbo pump marker. once the nib is broken in or flared it writes super smooth. i love this marker but the only thing that sucked was that i thought it wasn't refillable but if you read enough about graff you'll find out that some writers used to refill these markers with ink.

you can refill it by using a pilot ink dropper or any dropper and a long needle. take out the nib, insert the long needle and use the dropper to fill the opening to the top with ink. now keep pressing the needle up and down till the ink sinks down into the marker. repeat till the ink stops going down. this may take a while but you get a pentel shorty filled with the ink of your choice! and it's quieter because you won't have to shake it like you did when it was full of paint.. how dope is this marker now?

you can use this method with any pump action marker that's not refillable like krink's k-70 or the marsh 88.

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OTR .084 Calligraffiti Flowpen Marker by MAEM - A Top 10 Reviewer! 07/17/2010
OTR .084 Calligraffiti Flowpen Marker absolutely nothing special about this marker. just buy a t-nib, grab a razor and cut one corner off horizontally. i've been cutting my nibs like that since i got my first jumbo pump marker, it gives you clean, solid lines and you can do the same with the 15mm nibs as well.

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]

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Pilot Jumbo Marker by MAEM - A Top 10 Reviewer! 06/19/2010
Pilot Jumbo Marker this marker is about six inches tall and a little bit fatter than the common jumbo pump markers. the nib is super durable, it's 10mm wide but once it's broken in it can write about 14 to 15mm streak free lines. and it's not valve operated, it's a felt-to-nib marker, simple and effective. i definitely recommend this marker like everyone else.

it's also easy to customize, you can use a razor to shape the nib how you want it and because there are no replacement nibs, when it wears out you can make a small nyc style mop by unscrewing the top part as if you're going to refill it, pull out the felt, take the empty carcass, fill it with ink and stuff a bent piece of board eraser felt as a nib. you're gonna have to get an empty film canister as a cap (any camera shop will give you this for free), wrap duct tape around the marker for the cap to fit and vuala, you got a hardcore bombing mop. this can be done with any empty carcass from a marker as long as you can find a cap for it. i got these instructions from the 'all city' book by paul 107, great book.

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Krink K-60 Squeeze Marker by MAEM - A Top 10 Reviewer! 05/27/2010
Krink K-60 Squeeze Marker this is a 2oz mop, its 4" tall and as wide as the squeeze-e mop or the smash blitz marker. the nib writes 10mm lines (same nib on the drip mop) . its the best combination of size and ink capacity for a mop. yes, $10 is expensive for a 2oz mop but this is how you get the most out of your k-60:

buy the 5-pack of extra nibs (they're called "mini drip mop replacement nib") because they'll come in handy when you tear the nib going over a sharp little bump or whatever.

for refills. unless you want to keep paying $10 for a new marker every time you run out of ink, i think some kids actually do that and i think that's why kr doesn't make refill bottles. smash makes a perfect refill for this mop because k-60 colors and smash inks are very similar in both colors and thickness. for example, i bought a green k-60 a long time ago and i've been using smash's "teal legit" as a refill ever since.

so grab the 5-pack of replacement nibs and an 8oz of smash for refills and you'll be set.

good review! seen this?

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.006 Empty Soultip Squeeze Marker by MAEM - A Top 10 Reviewer! 05/19/2010
.006 Empty Soultip Squeeze Marker it's the same size as the sakura paint stick. the lines it writes are about 7mm wide. because of its small size the refill opening is obviously going to be super small so i'd recommend getting one of those empty molotow refill bottles, check it out, trust me, it'll make it a whole lot easier to refill this thing (it'll make it easier to refill your markers in general). of course it's squeezable, so you can make your tags drip but you'll use up the ink pretty fast meaning you'll be refilling it often. i usually go for clean solid tags with this marker.

if you want to use this with silver paint or anything that requires shaking/mixing, you won't be able to fit in a mixing ball because of the small opening so you'll have to grab something smaller like one of those thin, cylinder-like metals that are used in white out markers, it'll fit right in.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Molotow 4mm High Flow Nib 2 Pack by MAEM - A Top 10 Reviewer! 05/11/2010
Molotow 4mm High Flow Nib 2 Pack these fit on the pilot silver/gold medium point paint markers! and so do the regular (non high flow) nibs but i think those are better if you refill the marker with alcohol based ink.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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