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All the reviews by Graditude - A Top 50 Reviewer!
Art Primo Hobo Marker by Graditude - A Top 50 Reviewer! 05/30/2020
Art Primo Hobo Marker Suburb competition to Markal. Helps to carry these in a baggie.

Back when I was buying gas $6 at a time, I'd buy these markers and melt them down to pour into a empty Ganko marker body. GR posted a video guide on this where he fills a twist-up deodorant. If you're considering filling chap-stick, glue-stick tubes, really any twist up container, it might help to have a layer of solid already in the bottom. Some container's plastic part that pushes that pushes the solid is perforated, such that paint will drip through and possibly seize the twisting mechanism.

Melt different colors together for a custom color! Beast mode: cut a piece of cardstock to slide down the barrel, or whatever you intend to fill with the melted paint, dividing it in two. Pour separate colors on either side for a split-free multi-color streaker. boom just gave ya that one for free


These do crust after a day or two, a thin layer which needs pealing or a good scratch on a rough surface. Silver is cool. The last bit might be tough to use, but fun to smear around with a glove. Impressive product of great value! If you want something a little less messy, for a few extra dollars snag an AP Solid Paint Marker

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Art Primo Toxic Shocker by Graditude - A Top 50 Reviewer! 05/11/2020
Art Primo Toxic Shocker Having enjoyed the drop mop mini, I wasn't sure I'd be down with a hard body mop. Moral of the story: I am a fool!

This marker is great fun. S. garvey with a lil' white magic ink, and the flow is hot! As far as I can tell the nib does not have a valve; however, the mop (like all AP mops) stays very clean. No leaks! Shaking the marker uncapped will not leak, but a good squeeze (tough with the hard plastic) might squirt a few drops. Some ink will collect in the cap with normal use, never enough to drip or run.

buy extra nibs!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Art Primo Drip Mop Mini by Graditude - A Top 50 Reviewer! 05/11/2020
Art Primo Drip Mop Mini Another five star review in the sea.

I feel spoiled snagging one of these as my first mop. Perfect shape for pencil grip, with enough squeeze in the body to still lay thick lines. I believe Junobo mops are the same shape, but AP's is much more squeezable.

I very much like the valve inside the nib. Paint will not flow unless the tip is depressed. I tore my first nib writing on rough concrete. I did not know what nib abuse was.

***Luckily, these nibs can be refelted(is that a word?) very easily! If the nib tears, remove what's left of the original nib (might need tweezers) one will see a circle grove the felt is bunched into. I found a piece of medium weight felt and cut a circle a little larger than the grove, and pressed it in using a small flathead screwdriver. This worked better than expected, but one may also consider purchasing extra nibs.

OTR soultip is my jam in these, addin' magic ink or steve garvey, you know how that goes...

Acrylic craft paint is pretty reliable too. Great for indoor use; hang some paper on the wall, cover the carpet in plastic. slowly water down acrylic for more drips and consider straining through pantyhose paint if it's old/has dried bits.

I put some bucket paint and magic ink in one of these once... I was naive, but it worked really well. This mix required slightly more aggressive squeezing, but perhaps illustrates how forgiving this mop is!

I ruined one of these mops by using a paint thinner solvent to clean that bucket paint out of it. The plastic was weakened and the top tore off when I attempted to twist the cap off. A lil' xylene ink inside holds up fine though!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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ZENIRO Staining Spray Dye by Graditude - A Top 50 Reviewer! 04/28/2020
ZENIRO Staining Spray Dye ZENIRO Spray Dye: tiny can, impressive spray, interesting ink.

Medium-to-High pressure surprised me. Coverage with the needle cap is ridiculous from further away, almost three fingers wide 4-6" inches from a surface.

Dye particles found themselves on my hand (over spray?), so I recommend a glove!

Dope on wood, but a few months in the sun will leave it much more faint. Probably smart for indoor spots. An awesome way to tie dye fabric.

Also really like the color line up! Oxblood _3

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Steve Garvey Ink 2.0 by Graditude - A Top 50 Reviewer! 03/05/2020
Steve Garvey Ink 2.0 I expected to use this bottle of SG 2.0 sparingly, but adding mere drops into paint mix for mops was just the beginning. I ran Steve straight in Toxic Shocker for a while, it also works super in pump action markers! Very consistent lines, I assume because it's so thin nibs have an easy time keeping supply. Couple drops of this in your press n' go mix will yield wacky drips.

I'm afraid to mix it with acrylic paint, as I think this may create a precipitate, but I might be wrong about that. Magic ink and other alcohol based paints blend wonderfully. The gentle purple color plays well even with warmer tones. Mix with bright orange for a lovely hot pink!

Anyway, dope flow, but the real reason Steve Garvey feels dangerous is the stain: peep those porous surfaces. I've yet to taste real Garvey, but I'm a huge fan of Steve! AP's awesome price let's me feel okay about using as much as I do _u_

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Art Primo Press-N-Go Empty Marker - Standard by Graditude - A Top 50 Reviewer! 02/27/2020
Art Primo Press-N-Go Empty Marker - Standard What an amazing way to write! Having not encountered metal tipped correction pens in the past, these were suck a treat to discover. I destroyed a couple of these nibs by using oil paint (bargain bin elementary art grade) and a few drops of Magic Ink. The cheap paint clogged the valve, not even acetone would bring it back.

I've had a few last much longer with OTR 901/Magic Ink/Steve Garvey. Too many drips if you can believe it! I was surprised by the amount of paint these can lay with a good squeeze.

Just because these can write on rough surfaces, might not mean they should *laughing while crying emoji* rocks and raw wood scare me, even though I'm confident this pen could leave a mark. I wipe the tip after use, as often some paint will cling to it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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