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Ultra Wide Nib - Soft Questions And Answers
Question: im getting a real ultra! what inks? im thinking garvey and black pilot mix. and these nibs oh, btw is this just one nib or like a pack of nibs
Answer: (AP Reply) Thats a fine mix, But an empty Masterpiece marker with Garvey and Pilot is a way more powerful tool. You have an actual spring valve and canister type marker body with free flowing ink. Also the nib is better and wider. It cost less than those outdated no flow having nibs you want to buy. Too bad we are out of stock of the Empty masterpieces right now, because thats what I would recommend. The Uniwide's are anachronisms from a time when we didnt know any better. they are only worth having to old people who are holding on to their youth, or young writers duped by a myth.
Question: Yeah Ok thats what I meant, the width of the nib not the length.WHATs the width? And Ive actually created a marker as wide as the masterpiece. 60mm right or 2.1 inches
Answer: (AP Reply) Yeah homie not worth it. just dont bother with this nib (Unless you actually have an ultra wide) These nibs are expensive and not really worth buying unless you have that marker. This is also the soft nib, and by soft, I mean as soft as a gym sock. You really dont want this. If you have a marker as big a s a masterpiece then get masterpiece nibs homie. They are better and cheaper.
Question: Art primo, ive asked this before and didnt get a answer. whats the length of these bad boys. Peace
Answer: (AP Reply) Idk never measured the length. Usually people are only concerned with the width. But this will only fit on the ultra wide. an out of production anachronism. The masterpiece marker is far better.
Question: Yo art primo how wides the nib? Ima be trying to make a homemade one and try to bring calligraphy back, ill try to make keep it simple. and how many people be answering these questions all day by toys? :)
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Ultra Wide Nib - Soft
Ultra Wide Nib - Soft