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OTR .005 Soul Tip Squeeze -Empty Mop Questions And Answers
Question: I like this marker but loathe the mohair nib. would any of your felt nibs fit the 005? I'm not lazy, I actually looked at all the different sizes and styles but there seems to be some confusion (there was even a question about it, not sure if the "web guy" got around to fixing it yet). Thanks in advance for the straight-forward, informative, non-jokey reply.
Answer: (AP Reply) only the Cro-mags and Wiseguys get the jokey. You are well spoken person that deserves the utmost respect. If I was in Japan with you I would start a bowing war that will never end because we both would want to be the most respectful. As for your questions , Yes! The Toxic nibs will fit. But they arent as snug as the OTR one so experimentation is key.
  (*Bows out of Bow War* Says:) Ha! Best reply ever.
To quote a Cro Mag: "Thx fam for da info n shyt!!! yo U da shyt AP gunna goe crush madd hard!!!"
Question: otr 005 or the squeez e
Answer: (AP Reply) I like the squeazy e
Question: do u have replacement nibs for this. if not can u make one. cause this is hella dope.
Answer: (AP Reply) sure who knows
Question: Hey AP. I ordered this and some .401 paint. when i use it it feels like not all the paint is in the nib. like some parts of my tags look as if theres no paint in it and im squeezing the sh*t out of this thing. what do i do? should i remove the regulator?
Answer: (AP Reply) IDK homie. maybe you are writing really fast, not squeezing enough or maybe the nib is old or the ink didnt get shaken enough. Kinda hard to say. I never take out my regulators. But a lot of people do. Try it.
  (Cancr Says:) Yo AP i took out the regulator and it was still kinda streaky so i thinned it down with a lil bit alcohol and it runs like a champ now(apreply) word. there you go. You customized it to your taste.
Question: Yo AP how many ounces this lil baby be holding and sh*t
Answer: (AP Reply) Yo dreak. about one. although I haven't measured it yet.
  (Dreaken Says:) Good looking fam
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OTR .005 Soul Tip Squeeze -Empty Mop
OTR .005 Soul Tip Squeeze -Empty Mop