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Smash KO Marker Questions And Answers
Question: hows the red
Answer: (AP Reply) Its good.
Question: Yo artprimo it's beat I was just bout to re up on sum $h!t but nope the green markal paintstiks just go out of stock 2 quik. Anyway u think it wood b a good combo if I take a blood red ko and fill it wit sum red smash wit a tiny bit of garvey ?? And is Garvey dye based or alcohol or what? Ight good loox ap peace!!!
Answer: (AP Reply) LOL!! I don't even know what you are saying?!?!
Question: what nib could i use to replace the original with??
Answer: (AP Reply) there really isnt one.
  (macrous99 Says:) have you tried balsa wood?(apreply) no. Why dont you give it a shot and let us know
  (Anonymous Says:) Maybe a deco color nib???(aprepy) no completley different.
Question: i know im not supposed to refill this sh!t so dnt think im an idoit. whats the way to do it if i could?
Answer: (AP Reply) You can. You just need a really thin nail to push the valve in. It's just like refilling a pentel shorty. 60% smash and 40% dye will be your "ghetto" mix. It's not exactly the same but dope
  (smearone Says:) weres the valve? lol wow seriously its under the nib u know the part were the nib goes in that hole is were the valve is lol weres the valve lol
  (macrous99 Says:) have you tried balso wood?(apreply)Thats your answer for everything isnt it.
  (iknowimatoy Says:) ok i am an idoit eventhough i do have the marker idk where the valve is... where is it???
  (bbsblaze Says:) thanx man or girl idk
Question: isnt it basiclly a smashville slugger
Answer: (AP Reply) Not at all. This is juicy and drippy and built to stain. The slugger is a traditional paint marker much like the Uni Paint.
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Smash KO Marker
Smash KO Marker