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Molotow HS127 1mm Nib 2 pack Questions And Answers
Question: Does anyone having advice for helping to keep the 1mm nib unclogged? I've been googling trying to find advice, but without much luck. I saw someone mention putting a small piece of wet sponge in the cap which sounds like it might do the trick, but was hoping to find out a bit more before trying it. (Worried about mold and/or the sponge accelerating the clogging.) I currently rinse the nib often to clear it, but it's annoying to do when i'm on the move.
Answer: (AP Reply) You/re already doing a good job of keeping them clean. I/d definitely use the sponge method when you/re working away from a sink. This is the method Molotow in Germany has tested with great success.
  (AaronfromQueens Says:) Thanks for the reply! I'll give the sponge a shot. I was using it with Signal White One4All and it got too frustrating (especially because when it worked it was *amazing*. I swapped the Specialtech nib in there for a 1.5mm crossover from a black 127HS-EF. I'll try the sponge thing with the black marker. (AP REPLY: Give the site an email about this. Our Librarian can help specifically with this!)
Question: Recently purchased the copper Molotow Grafx that comes with this nib & it clogged after only 1-2 uses. Tried soaking the nib in acetone & rubbing it clean but it still doesn't work. Any other suggestions? If not I'll probably switch to the crossover from now on.
Answer: (AP Reply) The regular EX Fine 127s now come with a detailed version of the Crossover nib. While the metal tipped nibs are great, I would give the Crossovers a try and see if they are onto something in this switch.
Question: This is more of a confirmation question. I can replace all standard 2mm nibs with this one on all 127s right?
Answer: (AP Reply) yes
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Molotow HS127 1mm Nib 2 pack
Molotow HS127 1mm Nib 2 pack