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Molotow 127 Full Range Display Set Questions And Answers
Question: does it come with all the 127 colors available that are made by molotow
Answer: (AP Reply) This set has everything BUT the Metallics.
Question: whats the difference between these and the other markers like theres one that $899 which is this Molotow 127 full range set and then the other one is $849 which is the Molotow 227 full range set.
Whats the difference and Which on is better?
Answer: (AP Reply) Its not a matter of which one is better. They use the same ink. The only difference is the delivery system. If you want 2mm then get the 127. If you need 4mm then get the 227. The only real difference in the sets is that the 127s are physically smaller so they can fit more in the box. Most people use both.
  (Anonymous Says:) Okay thankyou very much now i know that for shure im getting the 127 markers thats $899 thankyou(apreply) No prob!
Question: Hi CPL Allen agian ok I am not sure that will help with what I am looking for but thank you for the product number. I as also wondering if there might be a way you might be able to help us out with some of these markers for our use for moral purposes?
Answer: (AP Reply) Hi there. I'm a little confused CPL. I thought you were asking about the Molotow 127 Full range set. Are you not interested in it? If not what markers are you looking for? because you are asking the the product category of said marker. As for Moral purposes I know not how it pertains to markers. They are neither Immoral or Moral. They are merely tools for art. Weather you use them for moral or immoral purposes is up to you.
Question: Hi I am CPL Allen of the USMC and I was looking in to the marker set for moral purposes and I was wondering if I might be able to ask for the National Stock Number so I may see if we can order this set to afghanistan?
Answer: (AP Reply) Hello CPL Allen. We just go by the product name. "Molotow 127 Full Range Display Set" But if you require a product number we do have this: 1004119
Question: Ima swoop up on this but I'm not really trying 2 get the empty ones
Answer: (AP Reply) Its comes from the factory like that.
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Molotow 127 Full Range Display Set
Molotow 127 Full Range Display Set