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Molotow Dripstick DS-XS 3mm Rollerball Empty Questions And Answers
Question: Nice, I've been wanting to get one of these for a while. Have you guys had a chance to try them out yet and if so, I just wanted to know how they write. I noticed in the description, it said to use dye-based ink but I would've thought paint would work. -Thanks, I'll write a review for these in a few days when I get it in the mail and have a couple days to try it out.
Answer: (AP Reply) IDK. Why it says that. They are really squeezable and the nib is the soft felt like the drip mop. So you should use paint just fine.
  (Johndee Says:) I use these all the time! The Rollerball will work with paint (soultip.401 tested) too fast you can get streaks to slow to much paint. happy medium mop. great on wood, concrete, brick, drywall, tends to slip on some metal. great pocket mop! I keep 3 with me at all times.PINK/BLACK/WHITE
  (MS Says:) i'd think the reason ink is suggested was probably due to the rollerball nib w/ the spring-valve assemply under it: the ball has to be depressed to allow flow. u could still prolly use a thinner paint (soultip paint maybe?) that will run thru but light squeezing would prolly be necessary plus drying paint may affect the smoothness that the ball will roll (fixed w/ cleaning). Plus w/ the spring valve under the ball, w/ thicker paints there could be streaking in the middle from having to depress the ball down on the surface, kinda like what you get w/ white-out pens. Note that ive only seen this w/ inks, where that's not an issue.

A quick hand w/ one of the less 'ultra-thin' inks would be fresh & give drips w/ minimal squeeze. Violet Garvey is obviously a good one, or (one of my fav's) the Do em Dirty Outdoorsman would be mad slick!

(AP, where's the DeD??) (apreply) No I just wasn't paying attention. I thought they were talking about the mop style one. DED? IDK. He hand makes them and it takes a grip.
  (Ma.destruction Says:) I would think you could use ink or paint in the 10mm and 18mm Dripstick, because the nibs look like they're cotton not mohair. With this roller ball one, I would think you would not want to use ink at all because it would be too thin.
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Molotow Dripstick DS-XS 3mm Rollerball Empty
Molotow Dripstick DS-XS 3mm Rollerball Empty