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Molotow Cocktail - Coversall Questions And Answers
Question: Should I ad a mixing ball to my mop filled with this?
Answer: (AP Reply) In general, we recommend using mixing balls with mops- especially for highly pigmented formulas like this.
Question: Is coversall nd speedflow equally buffproof?? Cuz i always get speedflow nd sh*ts baiscly buffproof but i wanna try coversall but hesitant too unless its the same a,ount of permanent
Answer: (AP Reply) They both are pretty great paints. We actually really like the Optimized Coversall Drip Stick refill. It has great body and super black ink. And it/s a few bucks less.
Question: AP, can i put this OR speedflow in my empty coldsweat marker?? I used up all the ink tht was i. It and im thinking, instead of buying a new marker can i just buy this or speedflow nd put this in my empty coldsweat otr marker? Plz hurry i wanna CHECKOUT!! Haha
Answer: (AP Reply) Speedflow will be just fine.
Question: Is this a hazardous material
Answer: (AP Reply) In terms of what? It/s an alcohol based ink. If you have specific questions in terms of MSDS give us a shout
Question: which is a better overall ink coversall or speedflow?
Answer: (AP Reply) I wouldn't say either is better. They both are both excelent covering inks with good flow. I would get a marker with each and see what one works for you. Personally, I like Coversall in mops and Speedflow in markers.
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Molotow Cocktail - Coversall
Molotow Cocktail - Coversall