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Molotow 327HS One4All Acrylic Marker Questions And Answers
Question: can you send me the link for the replacement nib? could not find it
Answer: (AP Reply) Try the Pixo 38 Replacement Nib or the UNI PX 30 Replacement Nib.
Question: the white version of this marker SMOKES the white uni px30 paint. I know the px30 is the classic everybody loves, but that white paint it comes with is really streaky and not opaque. I even refilled the uni with the T-grade marsh white and it looks almost identical to the stock paint (I didn\'t change the nib though, waiting for a new one to arrive, not sure how much of a diff that\'ll make here). I wrote on a bunch of smoothish surfaces with both the uni+white marsh and the molotow next to each other, dumpsters, electrical boxes, signs etc, and every time the molotow looks way way better, pretty damn opaque and it hasn\'t streaked yet.

On the other hand, I got the light blue as well (shock blue) and while it looks great on paper and on cardboard, this color BARELY showed up on any of these street surfaces I tested on. For real it looked like the streakiest barely visible sh*t possible. Took it back home and wrote on some paper and it looked great again. Not even sure how that\'s possible, but I def don\'t recommend the shock blue if you\'re gonna be writing in the real world. It\'s a shame because it is a really nice color. The smaller unis (px20) have a light blue color that looks incredible on real surfaces. I wish they sold that color as a px30 because I love it.

So yeah, molotow signal white is fire, shock blue is pretty bad. I guess that\'s just how paint markers are though, once you have good markers, it really comes down to the paint/inks.
Answer: (AP Reply) Glad you enjoyed the One4All formula! Just wanted to point out- this is a water-hybrid acrylic marker, so it will not offer the same durability or permanence in a street setting as a Uni, which is a Xylene (oil) based permanent paint marker. One4All markers are designed for and best suited for application on paper, canvas, cardboard, fabric, and metals/woods protected from the elements. As long as you\'re cool with that, keep on keeping on using it as you see fit. :)
  (J Says:) thanks for the tip! good to know. Still on the hunt for the perfect white then lol. Also wanted to add, I meant to say "shock blue middle", not "shock blue" ;Pthanks for the tip! good to know. Still on the hunt for the perfect white then lol. Also wanted to add, I meant to say "shock blue middle", not "shock blue" ;P
Question: can this be used for bombing?
Answer: (AP Reply) This is a water-based paint, while you can use it, it will simply wash away over time. This is best used for canvas and fine art use.
Question: These come with chisel nibs??? Like in the pics? I dont want sh*tty bullet tips
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes, these have an amazing chisel nib. Plus they are refillable.
Question: How these for street bombing? Like signs, electric boxes, bus stop windws, trash cans, mailboxes, sh!t like that
Answer: (AP Reply) These are best for blackbooks and canvases as they are Water-Based High Pigmented Acrylic. Look for the name One4All in any Molotow marker product for this paint. Great for vinyl toys and custom clothing.
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Molotow 327HS One4All Acrylic Marker
Molotow 327HS One4All Acrylic Marker