Big Squeeze Replacement Nib
Big Squeeze Replacement Nib
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This is the 25mm replacement nib for the AP Big Squeeze 4oz Mop and the Krink 4oz Mop, great for ultra-bold ... more▾ 

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typa 04/08/2013
came back from a route rockin a kiwi mop.. if any nib should be sold in packs of 5 it should be this one for a couple of reasons: $1.25 is too much for a nib that has the shortest life span out of all the mop nibs so it should be sold at a price that encourages buying it instead of racking it (which is easy as sh*t)

pros: with the right ink, i prefer money shot or t-grade, both with a touch of garvey and if you're feeling classy n ballin go for speedflow. it's a powerful graff marker. drippy round lines over an inch wide command attention especially if your letter style is legible because it will be read by the general public. of course location is a key factor. another reason i like these is because they limit me to big, smooth surfaces in case i get a little tag happy so i just bike around scoping not only smooth surfaces but strategic spots as well.

watching my boy catch a tag with a kiwi mop is what turned me on to graff. i found it fascinating that you could take chunk of public space and make it yours with such a small marker.  4 of 5 Stars!