UPROK Grey Wing Adapter
UPROK Grey Wing Adapter
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UPROK adapters are also known as "wingtip adapters" due to the unique protruding wings on either side ... more▾ 

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SnüZ (BBC) 11/02/2020
Damn! The last bit of AP Female Fat caps w/ the useless brim sold out THAT FAST!? (Bummer!)

We know different adapters can affect different cans in different ways & change pending which caps are mated to which cans using which adapter, & that it what it is. BUT ‘Gotta say that ANY Winged adapters are awesome if you’re like my friend of a friend who got burnt w/ antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea that led to gonorrhea-induced arthritis in his knuckle fluids (as they get used a lot), so hey, that’s just an extra plus in His book.... outside that, find your can/adapter/cap combo that works for what you’re looking for, but u should find Some use for em in some way. (& Wear protection)

Snoozer / SnüZ . (BBC... “has your pawg got some today?”)  4 of 5 Stars!