18mm Nib 5-Pack
18mm Nib 5-Pack
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This is 18mm (US)/ 11mm (German) in diameter with a spring valve and smooth felt nib. *Although these ... more▾ 

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AaronfromQueens 08/10/2019
READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU BUY TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING THE RIGHT NIB FOR THE RIGHT MARKER. These are great. I use these for drawing on paper (figurative & landscape drawing, not graf) with a Molotow dripstick. Even on smooth surfaces, the felt eventually wears away and needs replacement, which is why I'm glad that these come in a five-pack. Using them on canvas or rough paper will shred them much faster, so I try to avoid it but you gotta do what you gotta do. My most recent favorite paper is Color-Aid, which is painted paper that has a fine sandpaper-like texture. I only use the dripstick on it minimally and try to not press down at all, but it still pulls the felt off pretty fast. All that being said, these are STILL great. Always buy the five pack.  5 of 5 Stars!