Molotow GRAFX Art Masking Liquid 30ml Refill
Molotow GRAFX Art Masking Liquid 30ml Refill
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The Molotow GRAFX Art Masking Liquid is a very handy tool to have when working on blackbooks, sketching ... more▾ 

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red 01/13/2015
bought this to give it a try, maybe, maybe not needing the precision it can offer. i also bought all 4 one refills. yet to use this for its purpose. i will say it does wor as advertised. apply, let dry, use, let dry, then rub off. i found a new application. basic scetching on canvas. i'm sure it'll work on other surfaces too, but on canvas pencil doesn't erase too well. to see if one wants something in general on canvas, design or in location, use this liike you were rough scetching. after it dries remove. i don't recommend using an eraser to speed things up, the eraser does something and makes removal hader in some places. still comes off though.

as withe all 4 one, if you're a first time buyer a little bit goes a long way. i don't recommend 1mm nibs, use brush nibs and a light touch. with these bottles, they could use a redesign, but i'll admit i'm not know for having said light touch. per usual, molotow doesn't disappoint  4 of 5 Stars!