Smash KO Marker
Smash KO Marker
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Smash went above and beyond our expectations on this one. Does it drip? Yes. Does it stain? Yes. Is it ... more▾ 

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Soze 03/30/2016
The red is the TRUTH! Looks like straight up blood! Not orange at all, like how it looks in the old art primo videos showcasing it. First off, remember that when you get it, SHAKE THE f*ck OUTTA IT! Then, pump is a lot. The nib should be dripping at first, or else it will streak. After it's drippin a bit, just shake it to get all the excess ink offa the nib, and go smash sh*t. I've heard the purple is the most staining and best looking color, but i don't know. This blood red on a white or light gray surface f*ckin kills it.
Just remember that the point of the smash KO is NOT to look especially opaque. it's about a half-and-half mix of smash ink and a hard staining dye ink, so on darker surfaces it wont POP, but it will still show more than just straight dye ink. The point if this marker is to stain hard, but still have the colors pop and be somewhat fade resistant. And after you get it juicin, you can get it to drip.
If I were you, I would cop one of these in your next order, cuz these f*ckin rock!  5 of 5 Stars!