Smash KO Marker
Smash KO Marker
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Smash went above and beyond our expectations on this one. Does it drip? Yes. Does it stain? Yes. Is it ... more▾ 

Reviews (98)  4.8 of 5 Stars!

Soze 03/30/2016
The red is the TRUTH! Looks like straight up blood! Not orange at all, like how it looks in the old art primo videos showcasing it. First off, remember that when you get it, SHAKE THE f*ck OUTTA IT! Then, pump is a lot. The nib should be dripping at first, or else it will streak. After it's drippin a bit, just shake it to get all the excess ink offa the nib, and go smash sh*t. I've heard the purple is the most staining and best looking color, but i don't know. This blood red on a white or light gray surface f*ckin kills it.
Just remember that the point of the smash KO is NOT to look especially opaque. it's about a half-and-half mix of smash ink and a hard staining dye ink, so on darker surfaces it wont POP, but it will still show more than just straight dye ink. The point if this marker is to stain hard, but still have the colors pop and be somewhat fade resistant. And after you get it juicin, you can get it to drip.
If I were you, I would cop one of these in your next order, cuz these f*ckin rock!  5 of 5 Stars!

moose 07/18/2021
IMO best marker on the market. The smash ink is amazing, hard to buff, and highly pigmented. You can never go wrong with one of these boys. To be 100% honest, if I could only have one marker, it would be this one.  5 of 5 Stars!

97 07/05/2021
Amazing marker. I miss smash refills. Blood Red and Lennox Blewis both amazing. If you don't want to use the chisel tip, you can flip it and get a nice, flat bullet tip.  5 of 5 Stars!

drank 06/05/2021
good marker but coulda been better. the purple didn’t work a black surfaces and light surfaces. even tho it’s supposed to be a light purple. but other than that great marker.  4 of 5 Stars!

Yaru 02/28/2021
Okay so i really like these markers. Ive never had one till today and i tried it out today aswell, She writes smooth and the red is so so nice. Pick up 1! or 2 or 3 haha  5 of 5 Stars!

Baze 01/16/2020
The Blood Red is really dope! By far my favorite tho is the Lennox Blewis. It is more vibrant then the Sur Blue Smashville slugger. get one of these with your next order!  5 of 5 Stars!

sotawood 02/23/2019
one of the best markers I've tried, got one for free since there was a little issue with my order got it all resolved and they threw one of these bad boys in! super nice opaque flowy paint, really nice to throw in your pocket and take with you every where. also one pump spits out alot of paint so be careful lmao.  5 of 5 Stars!

urbanletters 09/09/2018
Violet is a very sexy purple/white color. Looks beautiful on lots of different surfaces.  5 of 5 Stars!

NoNoNe ThE GoD 07/13/2018
wanted to try this out because I seen all the good reviews I copped the purple now with this your getting best of both worlds not as opaque as a uni but that's not the purpose it stains and it is pretty opaque it rights smooth as a babys @$$ I like purple because you cant really get that in the uni broads and what not so its good to stick out but im definiotely going to try other colors in the future  5 of 5 Stars!

dave77 05/08/2018
Just got a purple in the mail today, probably the best marker ive owned, it SMASHES the competition.......no? not funny? Anyways the one thing i will say is i was suprised by the color, i think the recipe may have changed since AP did the old marker review video or took the description pictures. In those it looked like a darker inky mix like a spiced up garvey, the fill in the marker i got is a much lighter violet, almost the color you might get if you mixed white magic ink with a good amount of gentian violet. I do dig the color though and it stains super hard.  5 of 5 Stars!

Kripnugs 12/20/2017
These pens are dope at. The material it's made of is perfect and I like shaking it to relieve stress haha. The paint is super sick and you can really get the paint flowing for some nasty drippage.  5 of 5 Stars!

SUROS 12/13/2017
I’ve had no issues with the KO markers; My favorite has got to be violent violet. Super opaque pigment. Perfect for smooth surfaces.  5 of 5 Stars!

Riot 412 09/27/2017
love these markers. i ordered the blue and green the colors are great there hard to buff i started with the smash ink in a mop back in the day and fell in love with the ink just a pain to fill in a mop but a prefilled marker with the best ink... take my money hahaha a must buy  5 of 5 Stars!

No1youknow 05/23/2017
Super dope!!!! I got the purple and did about 11 tags with it today wow love it if you have not tried this marker go get one! And flipping the nib is key too fat lines!  5 of 5 Stars!

Seizr 05/24/2016
I have violet and it is dopeeeeee  5 of 5 Stars!

SACHEone 04/24/2016
red and purple are both super fire. I flared the nib on the violet one and gave it to my girl.... sh*t kills.

The red one I kept for myself with the chisel tip and so far its really nice. Crisp and opaque.  5 of 5 Stars!

chefBTC 12/26/2015
Ordered one of each of the available colours, then smashed up the town until they were all empty.. And here's my thoughts:

BLACK: Good opaque black, drippy, I had a problem with this one, after a few tags the ink seemed to not flow through the nib.. I'd pump it til it was dripping and it would barely finish a 4 letter tag, the black is the only marker I still actually have some ink in for this reason.. I've since changed the nib over from the red marker that I had emptied.. I get streaky tags but atleast I can finish them.

BLUE: First off I love this colour, comes out hella opaque never streaky, pops real nice.. The downside to the blue is that it seems to have zero staining abilities.. I used it on a white laminated timber table in my house, it's the only colour which can be scratched off the surface.

GREEN: This colours quite nice and pretty opaque.. I've used it over black and it's still shown up nicely.. Maybe not as good as over white but still quite visible.. I've noticed going back through some areas I've used the green in it seems to be slightly faded.. Only slightly.. After about 3 months.. But all in all a solid colour

RED: f*ck me talk about blood this sh*t looks like your tagging with the Devils marker.. The Reds quite opaque, drippy not very streaky and my shoes still look like I've stomped someone 6 months after getting some drips onto them.. Very good marker

PURPLE: Gotta save the best til last.. If you can only buy one of these markers buy the purple.. Opacity isn't incredible but staining/bleeding is off the charts.. Colour is amazing on white/light surfaces and not very streaky, great drips, better stain and did I say better stain?

So in review I think my favourite colours are the red and the purple.. I'm disappointed about the black as I love the boldness of black ink and hope I have a better experience with the black next time around.
Buy the purple it's dope!
I would defiantly get any/all colours again as even if some may be easier to buff then others they are still nicer colours and who cares if you got 500 tags up in an area and a few are buffed right?  4 of 5 Stars!

Trav D 09/17/2015
PURPLE!! No other choice, get purple  5 of 5 Stars!

KYSCRU 08/16/2015
good marker, good price. only complaint is the cap mad leaky i got this ink all over my hands and side of my car. then somehow the ink wiped off easy as butter w an all purpose cleaner after sitting in the sun all day. makes me question smash inks ink smashing abilities  4 of 5 Stars!

EnjoyTheDecline 12/29/2014
(Smash KO - Blood Red)

First and foremost:
- This is the best "marker/paint pen" i've ever written with.

From the outside, in:

- the BODY of the marker is metal, and hella sturdy.
- the CAP is pure beef, like, you can step on it.
- the cap retainer is SNUG, so it dont leak, but you dont need bear-paws to remove it.

- the NIB is solid, and a wide chisel-tip.
- If yer into the chisel tip, its cool cuz the ink flows nice through it.
- i SMASH the nib to make it as fat as possible, and juice 'er up good!

- which brings us to the ink/paint:
- smooth flow, for maximum juicyness.
- the viscosity is perfect for tags!
- Dries pretty quick.
- drips are attainable, but if you want MAD drips, get a mop bro.
(The right tool for the right job.)

Smash KO (Blood Red), is the ideal "walking around" marker.
With the nib smashed up and the BRIGHT RED,
Your writes will definitley get seen!
...And, they dry quick too.  5 of 5 Stars!

¡ CRSR ! 12/14/2014
This Marker is great it has some nice drips and it dont fade, overall good marker 2 sided nib too  5 of 5 Stars!

SOER 11/20/2014
Amazing marker gets the job done killed a few stall walls back in the day with my violent violet the only color I love besides green being my fave color all in all a kick @$$ marker!!!!!!!  4 of 5 Stars!

EREK 06/06/2014
I just got the blood red, an it really does look like blood! It's a great marker, but the red is definitely rather transparent. It flows amazingly, but its not as opaque as i would have hoped. I've heard GREAT things about the violet though!

(APREPLY) That's because its a dye/pigmented ink hybrid. Colored dye inks (like flowpen or pilot) are kinda transparent and fade. But they bleed/stain and flow like crazy. Thats why you add them to pigmented inks for more staining power. Pigmented inks are more opaque/fade resistant but sit on the surface, so less staining power. They also don't flow like the dyes do.

This is a 50/50 mix. The best of both worlds. Compare this to a red dye only pen like a Pilot. It's far more opaque. You should be out there tagging up with this in one hand, and your jock in the other. Gesticulating wildly to passers by, while you foam out the mouth from the awesomeness of this marker. Now go crush!  4 of 5 Stars!

SeaTownSavage 05/30/2014
Lennox Blewis was awesome. I used the other side of the nib because it had a round tip. Shake well before using.  5 of 5 Stars!

Save5pointz 04/01/2014
Great marker! i love this marker so damn much it drips nice and even thought it has xyene there is a very little smell! great marker to tag with!  5 of 5 Stars!

salemthajuan 02/01/2014
these markers are like a mariachi band in your pocket, but they write good, and they havent faded yet so its a good marker  4 of 5 Stars!

_cspace_ 10/24/2013
I'll give this marker another shot but my first impression was not that great. The marker is decent, the nib is good (Uni-style 4-8mm chisel) but the ink was weak as hell. I thought there was something wrong with it and shook it for another 10 minutes, juiced up the nib. Same thing. My Lennox Blewis = transparent Kool-aid with drips. blech. I'm gonna add one to my next order just to be sure. I hope I just got a bad one.  2 of 5 Stars!

smashTag 08/21/2013
i just got this marker today and the ink wont flow and when it does, its only for a second and then it stops writing. it almost seems as if the marker is almost out of ink. its a dope marker when it does write though.(apreply) They shouldn't be like that. Give us a call to see if we can help you.  2 of 5 Stars!

Chilo 08/16/2013
You cant go wrong with these, got the red and its awesome, then i copped the blue.. idk if i did anything wrong i shook it juiced it and the paint was just too sloppy and came out in clots idk why, and it was streaky and made a mess does anyone know what happened?  4 of 5 Stars!

_ZENK_ 08/11/2013
These Markers are bad*** I got 3 for my boyfriend and they have some sick as drips, Especially The Lennox Blewis _3 These are a MUST Have.  5 of 5 Stars!

NotBeforeDinner 08/09/2013
Sickest marker I ever used. Violent violet joint is nuts. Stop sluffin and snag one brother!  5 of 5 Stars!

ejv 06/08/2013
I got one of these in black. When i first used the marker it practically poured out and was uncontrollably drippy. The next time I took it out with me the f*cker was streaky like no other. I thought it seemed clogged or something.....idk

MAYBE when i juiced it for the first time I got the whole f*cking thing covered in ink and it like dried solid and f*cked up the flow? :/

hmm it seems like i'm the only one who had this problem... ANYONE ELSE?  3 of 5 Stars!

grafart 01/20/2013
i got 3 of these and for the most part they are pretty good, my nib on the blue marker got all chewed up and seemed to run out of ink quick, but my black and red ones i still got and have been using them for almost a month. sometimes they come out a bit streaky but overall i caught some sick tags with these, but the smell is terrible and irritating  5 of 5 Stars!

miso soup 12/09/2012

ermaggersh just cant get enough  5 of 5 Stars!

xXSnIpEdXx 11/01/2012
Best sh*t for bommi'n the walls you need. One of the signature markers smash has put togeather.  5 of 5 Stars!

KaB 09/24/2012
I had high hopes for this marker from all the raving and ranting I've heard about it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Always streaks, nib gets coated in paint then doesn't allow more paint to flow (yes I know I can clean it, but I've never had this problem before and when I'm out and about I'd rather not get booked while cleaning it off). Paint is awful, my Molotow completely covers it, but when I try to cover the Molotow, you can't even see the Smash KO ink. The only thing I really like about this marker is the price for the size, maybe I just got a bunk one.(APREPLY) I think you did, or didnt shake it properly or maybe inadvertently ran it over a wet/oily surface. the last is possible since dumpsters often have grease on the outside. We here all started as dirty tagger kids and are rather picky about tagging pens. And this is definitive one of the best on our list. So give us a call 206-365-4083  3 of 5 Stars!

drofone 07/03/2012

r0pe 06/22/2012
Thanks ap for settin me straight on these I must have rushed it on my first reveiw and didn't shake before use(amenities mistake) bc this IS the update to the smashville slugger not other way around- and is f-n great.(when used correctly ) It's a dye ink mix that's way better to retain the pop in the color and stain hard I assume.(AP correct me if I'm wrong) make sure you mix correct I assume this was my problem first go around bc I got the purp again and it's killing em. the nib really makes for great calligraphy accents and effects. The metal body can take none abuse too.  5 of 5 Stars!

Josh 06/20/2012
These are a MUST BUY , yesterday i got the red , blue , & purple. their really dope , they look okay on paper but on signs and poles their dope & they drip.  4 of 5 Stars!

Scribe 06/16/2012
Yep, I'm hooked. These are the real deal. Colors are crazzyy bright and won't fade for anything. Also, just like it says, stains, drips, and bleeds through anything. Comes completely full and when I say drips, I mean drips. The drippiest non-mop I've ever used. This stuff is just too crazy to describe. For this price just scoop one and you'll see.  5 of 5 Stars!

M 06/10/2012
I love these markers!
I just wanted to say that refilling them was really easy, which i wouldnt have thought after seeing all the refill-related questions...
Just wedge it so it'll stand upright, use a screw with wide enough thread crests to poke the pin down, & slowly drip your refill of choice into the neck (i use either eye-dropper bottles w/ widened holes or a pipette to drip the refill in).

Now dont get me wrong, the stock ink formula is amazing, but for my application needs, ive found adding the same-color alcohol-based dye ink to the purple, black, & red markers, after using 1/3 to 1/2 of the stock ink, made the formula thinner & run easier through the valve & nib (although this may affect opacity).  5 of 5 Stars!

RESPO 06/07/2012
great marker! red vs purple cant decide  5 of 5 Stars!

blttt 05/31/2012
great marker. the flow is just perfect. if you want drips like you see in the demo make sure you pump it right before your about to use it. I got blood red and it is a killer color. i would recommend this marker for anyone. unlike the k 71's this thing comes filled all the way up  5 of 5 Stars!

STG 05/05/2012
This sh*ts way sicks, crushes any marker out there, constant flow, and great ink, love it  5 of 5 Stars!

^NOPE^ IC REP 04/20/2012
omfg this bloody marker is ill violent violet get it  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 02/09/2012
get this marker 4 7 bucks man its a must have peeps seriously good nice clean opaque lines drip heck wel and just buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its stupid to not buy it just buy i garuntee u youll love it  5 of 5 Stars!

ansertwo 11/18/2011
i got the violent violet in my recent order, and DAMN this thing is SICK, paint it thick and opaque, but drips are DOPE as f*ck when u want them, i just suggest not going all out wit the drips everytag or u will run dry quick. overall its a must have for 7$, GET ONE!  5 of 5 Stars!

Markus 09/27/2011
Props to Smash & 'Primo, but im not gonna waste time stating all the positive aspects of this marker that have already been mentioned.
I had been writing using a Krink Red Bleed-thru marker filled WITH an ENTIRE additional dime-bag of Red bleed-thru additive & no matter how thick i put the Krink down, their bucket paint could cover it eventually! (ie. no visible bleed after multiple layers)! BUT when i hit the wall with a Red SmashKO, they are STILL putting layers of bucket paint over it & are at Atleast 6 coats deep!! (note: when i came by to see how it was doing, they had one big bucket of white Behr & a quart bucket of Rusto in the same white, so it seems they were trying both to try to cover the SmashKO).

(Just gotta say that it would be a Goddam Shame if you didnt make a time-lapsed video showing the bleeding powers of Red SmashKO... especially vs. Krink's Bleed-thru Red!)
Since most powers-in-charge around here use bucket paint (not spray-paint) to cover tags, Red KO's bleed far superior to Krink's Red Bleed-thru! (again, in terms of bucket paint: i havent compared using spray paint yet).  5 of 5 Stars!

Brave 09/26/2011
had the purple one and it was real dope, just like the video, drips, stains, opaque, good colors, and for a great price, pick one up and go SMASH with it, i promise you wont be disappointed  5 of 5 Stars!

DASEING! 09/17/2011
A.P. was right kidds dont get this on your cloths I did and my mom was PISSSED! Anyways I got the black and DAMN sony it was like haveing sex with the marker [no condum ;)] and as you know it was buff proof litterly they can make it smear a bit or fade a bit trying to buff it out but most likely they wont succeed! After going back to check out how a few of my tags looked like after getting buffed i noticed they buffed it yea sure but it left a mean @$$ CASPER GHOST get this marker asap! the nib is good for flareing as A.P. said if you flip it , also no streaks so thats a big thumbs up im definatly getting more of theese markers, If you havent tried it then try it or else ...  5 of 5 Stars!

sosuke 09/07/2011
i love this marker... got violent violet and black i love them both they good for anything.  5 of 5 Stars!

The Phat Phantom 08/29/2011
The price is appropriate, because this marker's straight evil.  5 of 5 Stars!

mafc 08/26/2011
i bought the violet violet and and it was the best marker i had in years and the homie from ap hooked it up with a blood red when i had some troubles and it was hella clean marker but is kinda see through like what other person (graff shop) do that thanks ap for some reason i always buy from you guys(apreply) Its a dye paint mixture. Its not going to be as opaque as a paint only marker. this marker is for the flooooooow  5 of 5 Stars!

saur 07/21/2011
I got them in the violet and the blood red. The red really does look like blood but unfortunately is recockulusly streaky and translucent. The violet on the other hand has to be one of the best markers ever made period, its as hard to buff as garvey, smooth, and just downright awesome.  4 of 5 Stars!

bricks86 07/10/2011
if you like their ink, then your gonna love this juicy beast  5 of 5 Stars!

bricks86 06/24/2011
SMASH markers are the sh*t. buy this, you'll love it  5 of 5 Stars!

GreNade Bomber 04/21/2011
i personally luv the violet its soooo sexy and burns everything it touches... I cant think of anything bad other than there is no instructional video on how to refill!  4 of 5 Stars!

robG 01/04/2011
This. Maker. Is. Dope. This thing works for any style, drippy or fresh and clean and you get the color and permanence that we all know from Smash. Blood red looks just like blood, no sh*t. Should you get this? I don't know, do you want to completely crush face? Yes, you do. Vandals rejoice, Smash wins.  5 of 5 Stars!

Cognak 12/21/2010
It's no bullsh*t... it really does look like blood. For tagging, this marker is pretty crap I think, wasn't impressed with it much. You can juice it pretty well, but it's not the smoothest moving nib in the world. Honestly, I'd keep a couple of these around for drawing or painting when you REALLY want some realistic looking blood in a piece. Other than that, I'd get something else.(apreply)this is the smoothest flowing marker made. you need to juice it ese  5 of 5 Stars!

rndm_760 11/12/2010
danky juicy @$$ marker  5 of 5 Stars!

California Mom 11/12/2010
this marker is illegal. i bet you kids think your all dope and cool thang when you show these markers to your home dogs. do me a favor and shove this marker up your bunghole. blood red... more like inflamed anus. haha good one i such a good comedian.  5 of 5 Stars!

Lisp4 09/22/2010
this is one of the best markers out there right now. mine ran out a few months ago and ive been fiegnen for another one ever since  5 of 5 Stars!

dEZ 09/08/2010
maaaan let me tell you...these markers are f*ckin juicyYyYyYy. smell so good and flow so fresh. wish i would of bought 2 instead of one. even better, i wish they sold the ink for this seperately....and no kidding on the blood red...it truely does look like blood. so grab these and see what the hype is all about kiddies  5 of 5 Stars!

NobodyImportant 07/29/2010
Awesome marker, ive been waiting for this for awhile, finally got one. The nib is easy to break in and it writes amazing. The red is called "blood red" and holy sh*t it definitely looks like blood when it dries on white surfaces.  5 of 5 Stars!

BooneSaw 05/29/2010
This is an ill marker. Much better flow then the Slugger. You can flare out the nib nice too for bigger lines. Purple and blue are the best.  5 of 5 Stars!

gmow10463 05/08/2010
i finally decided to take a chance on these.i thought they were just another groovy named pretender. WRONG! these are ill! if you like doing elaborate tags that are well detailed you are gonna be knockd out. they flow like turkey gravy until you get the hang of it -and then the are in class of their own! the only thing even close is pinstriper's one shot paints and thats more work. PLUS----the green it dead on match to NYC parks dept green. ask me how i know??.... i hope they make some more colors. hail xylene!!!  5 of 5 Stars!

blah 04/11/2010
this marker will get the job dope. its so good. no streaks, drips if you want and no drips if you want. flare out the nib like a cholo and go to work on your city boyyyy. its succchhhh a good marker and you might just jizz urself the first time you use it. and of course the other thing that makes it great is that only ap carries it. 5/5 just a great marker  5 of 5 Stars!

chadzilla 04/07/2010
once i figure out how to refill this, it will last me a long long time  5 of 5 Stars!

Soap 03/25/2010
It fits PERFECTLY in my pocket, with plenty of room to spare...
The ink is orgasmic, with streak-free lines and the drippiest driptastic drips imaginable.

For those complaining about the noise, just stick a neodymium magnet on the little bastard and enjoy the silence;
Just be sure to take it off and give it a good shake every now and then to keep that ink in it's prime.

Smexy as they are, I WOULD suggest you leave the drips for special occasions... you'll run dry if every tag is that awesome.

all in all, this marker is amazing... and at seven bucks a pop, you don't have to break the bank!

The only thing that could be better is a hot pink..  5 of 5 Stars!

DEGSE WAS HERE. 03/24/2010
wow homie, all of these good reviews makes me wanna get this marker, really bad ,like i really want a certain little baggy full of some beautiful green plant if ya know what i mean [!_!]  5 of 5 Stars!

Seka 03/16/2010
I had a problem with the black clogging and cacking around the back of the nib where the valve was so it made it real streaky. But all the other colors are f*ckin dope. The only bad thing is that they rattle really loudly even If you take a small step.  5 of 5 Stars!

SYK THC 03/13/2010
this marker is amazing it doesnt streak it dries very fast is hard to buff get juiced up very quick and fits in your pocket!this marker doesnt hold to much paint but lasts.i got this in purple and im going to try every color yuh should to!

SYK THC NJ  5 of 5 Stars!

OompaLoompa 03/12/2010
This marker is amazing. It has the same basic nib a a krink k-71 or a unipaint marker. Unlike most paint markers this thing is fully filled. All the colors are good but i would personally recommend the violent violet. This marker is not like the normal smash ink. It is like having smash and garvey together which any normal person will tell you its the dankest dank in all of danktown. Being the same price as the smashville slugger, this marker in my opinion is a wayyyy better buy. If you don't get this then you are missing out on an amazing marker. All markers has cons and this one only has 1.....no replacement nibs. Thats not even a problem. These nibs will last longer than you can imagine. If yours does start to wear down eventually you can flare it out and make the nib even bigger. I have never had streaks with this marker which is amazing for a paint marker. Hard to buff aint got nothin on this. It stains like a you would not believe!! Basically ths marker i awesome and whatever job you have to get done this thing will do it perfectly. i promise i have never met anyone that hasnt liked this marker other than the nasty buffer mannnnnnnnnnn but who cares what he thinks? Art primo is the only online graff supply store with this marker so i recommend you pick one up before 2012.  5 of 5 Stars!

STORY~ 03/10/2010
i prefer to write with this with the nib backwards  4 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 03/01/2010
I got this and tried to tag up my blackbook. NEVER USE IT IN A BLACKBOOK! it messed up 4 pages of it and if you use it then dont use it for another two days, the thing drips like crazy.
I held it above my blackbook and the ink was dripping from the nib onto my best tag. The blue is so opaque and vibrant. I think blue is the best.(apreply) Sounds like you learned a lesson.  4 of 5 Stars!

????? 02/11/2010
i like these but i hate how they raddle and their like impossible to refill  4 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 02/08/2010
This marker is f*ckin legit! Cop that sh*t for real. It writes so smooth and opaque. No streaks. Its my favorite marker on this site i think lol
BTW Artprimo nice delivery time, i go this two days after I ordered it. Im really happy with the service. Artprimo is the only way to get graff sh*t  5 of 5 Stars!

Seka 02/05/2010
Blue is the most opaque of all of these besides the black  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 02/03/2010
WTF are you serious?! homie!! dis marker is ultimate,sik,and 4 REAL graff writess!! when i first got the marker i was not sure but then when i put tha baby 2 workk...... wow woooh!!! if u cant handle a sik hardcore knock ur A** out marker then u might as well get off this page cuhz dizz markerrr will keep u GOIN AND GOIN!!! props 2 AP and SMASH!!!
can u help me out?!! i think i had a stroke!!
shuut up get one and experience the thrill baby!!!!
-D3COY! PHX, AZ  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 01/30/2010
wow, beautiful color and opaque as hell.
this is the dopest marker I've ever used.

5 out of 5
i would recomend this marker to anyone  5 of 5 Stars!

dangle! 01/22/2010
WHEEEE DOGGIE! Man I tell you what, I bought this marker cause it was $6.66. I am down with the devil man, and the devil is down with this marker. Case in point, I would bet them fools at smash sold their kollective souls just to get a product this sweet. I suppose years of testin and research and development could have done it as well, BUT SELLIN YER SOUL TO SATAN just sounds cooler. concrete? yep... Glass with no dripsies? Sure... Glass with sick nasty snotrocket drips? why of course... The bathroom door at the bar? yes, my child... EVEN jesus would buy this, he would just hand Dan seven bucks and say, "keep the change ya filthy animal..."  5 of 5 Stars!

Lisp4 01/15/2010
This has to be the smoothest marker on the market right now. Gives perfect drips when i want them how i want them and its refillable this is the best marker i have better than my molotow burner markers this is a must buy  5 of 5 Stars!

ray 01/12/2010
very very good  5 of 5 Stars!

Smearone 01/11/2010
The coverage n the opaqueness the marker is just amazing n the flow wow best marker u have ever had period I love it now I just have to get the blue and the red n I'm set I'm mean the purple black green are so sick thanks ap for the free black ko anyways you would be stupid not to get one or all of them anyways were I live the they buff mad qwik so I did a tag n u could see the paint around it like they tried buffing it n the ink just ate through the buff I mean it so sick I mean never seen anything like it also the coverage it was supiurior n the color is so sick my favorite is green anyways turn the nib over flare it then just try it push down so you could just see the amazing drips n did I say amazing buy buy buy anyways
I'm get the blue n red since my birthday
the 13th of Jan anyways thanks ap  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 01/09/2010
OMG WHY WHY WHY i wasnt like nahh im not guna by this marker it prob look bad but SUH-WEET JESUS that vid changed my mind im definately guna by one of these now  5 of 5 Stars!

Grant Hunter 01/05/2010
This pen is great. It is super juicy! But it sometimes like leaks through the lid if you keep it with you everywhere. So I keep mine in a sock or a bag. But It it a great pen, and totaly worth buying!  5 of 5 Stars!

Wood 01/05/2010
this is THE smoothest marker i have ever had. It writes on any surface ever made. The only thing they need to do better is come out with some KO ink. One of the sickest markers on the site.  5 of 5 Stars!

40oz 12/29/2009
Damm... now i know to trust ap when they say somethings dope... its pretty much perfect in evry way. Bomb color, dyes, and it no streakey... MMMMhumm and the smell^o^  5 of 5 Stars!

edogggggg 12/29/2009
i got the greeeeeeeeen one. its awesome. the color is very nice, really opaque, just a little bit of pressure gives you great drips. no pressure gives you no drips at all. why would you not buy this marker? because youre anti-awesome? dont be anti-awesome. no one likes a debbie downer. you'll never get a girl. and even if you dont want to get a girl (not that theres anything wrong with that...) buy the marker anyways because the purple one looks pretty too.(apreply) This reviewer is 100% awesome!  5 of 5 Stars!

No Se 12/21/2009
This is my new favorite marker. Hands down. It is super smooth and writes on most surfaces. The ink in this marker is ill. It will drip when you want it to and wont when you don't, stains HARD and overall just looks dope. The purple is so so sick, can't wait to pick up a few more of these.  5 of 5 Stars!

hands 12/20/2009
caught a write with my homies red ko the other day..damn son. comes out like i cant believe its not butter and the red is damn sexy in my opinion. only thing that bothered me wa the ink got everywhere, but that mightve just been cos the marker was new. definitely cop one, just dont try to write on wet surfaces.  4 of 5 Stars!

tweetz[ENDO] 12/17/2009
I just got this marker in the mail yesterday and as soon as I saw how it wrote on paper and on my desk I stopped what I was doing to go try it out outside. Writes really smooth and goes perfect on all smooth surfaces. It had a little trouble sticking onto a wet street sign but overall the quality was great. You can also get it to drip by pumping it more so that's awesome too. For this price the KO is definitely worth it!!  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 12/16/2009
Featuring the most highly anticipated marker of 2009...

What can I say about this marker.. It writes like butter dawg!.NO really it does.The ink is opaque, it sinks deep in pourus surfaces, and ink runs through the nib no problem. Your gonna get the absolute smoothest write on any surface.. concrete, glass, mirror, rug, wood, etc. And if you want drips just pump the valve white writing and youll get some.KO is a JUICEY marker.I could guess its a pigment ink+ dye ink(smash + pilot?), and it really shows, only problem now is I WANT SOME OF THIS KILLER INK.I am HIGHLY recommending this to any toy, cut the crap KRink, and get the KO you cheap ass(apreply) Good review! You get to be the default  5 of 5 Stars!

Nives 12/11/2009
Just got this today at the showroom and uh... this is dope! I got the blood red and it writes really nice. It is pretty much just an updated version of the Smashville Slugger. It does nt only use smash it is mixed with another ink to get a better finish than that of the slugger. I had a slugger and liked it alot but then i picked this up and it was way better. It streaks less than other markers and the ink is really good. It seems to write well on a majority of surfaces. I havent had any problems yet so I give it a two thumbs up!  5 of 5 Stars!

Pocket Rocket Superstar 12/11/2009
This marker definitely is top notch.
The problem with a lot of paint pens is the streaking. This does not happen since it is just so damn juicy.
The Violent Violet, K71's can kick rocks.  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 12/10/2009

smearone 12/09/2009
artprimo amazes me wow i love u guys  5 of 5 Stars!

Rat Trap 12/09/2009
This is an amazing marker!
It drips, it's stains, it's amazing.
This puts all other paint pens on the market to shame.  5 of 5 Stars!