Molotow HS127 1mm Nib 2 pack
Molotow HS127 1mm Nib 2 pack
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Molotow One4All High Solid 127 1mm Nib - 2 pack
These are the replacement nibs for the High ... more▾ 

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Chuckles-Galore 11/06/2017
I carbon copy the previous review by 'Summit' on this 1mm nib. My thoughts are completely bittersweet on this nib.

Pros: My art consists of high quality acrylic paintings on canvas, which I do all of my outlining in Molotoe One4all markers. I personally love this nib for those extremely detailed finishing attributes that make my art work come alive and it's a necessity for my particular works of art. This felt 1mm gets those crisp details and works well within a very limited time of usage. I've tried the nylon 1mm crossover nib and I'm not a fan of that one (it also dries). Overall, this amazing nib is like no other for the extremely precise and nearly microscopic type finish details I go for with my work.

Cons: As in previous reviews with this particular nib, the 1mm crossover nib and in that of the 127HS-EF marker itself...the nibs dry out extremely fast! I'm talking about 10 minutes or so into my work I begin to encounter nib clogging/drying. This is unacceptable. Ultimately, I end up dedicating more time fussing in frustration taking the nib out, running it under water/soaking it and carefully chipping away dried paint around the nib and marker assembly with a hobby knife and tweezers than I actually spend in time focused in my actual art. Annoying as all hell, to be very blunt! And take note: I don't use excessive pumps or anything that would cause excessive buildup/clogging. In my experience with the two colors I use (One4all signal black and signal white), the signal white is even more of a nightmare to work with in general (seems chalky) with any tip, but it clogs the 1mm to hell.

The trick that works best for me: Start off with a brand new 1mm nib and have a cup of warm water at your work area before beginning. I keep a paper plate near to test pump marker on occasionally, then start on my canvas. Once started, keep going as steadily and continually as you can on your work without stopping for even 10-15 seconds. Occasionally dip just the very tip in the water for 5 seconds or so, pump/test write on paper plate, then resume work immediately! No kidding, once I pause for the slightest amount of time, the nib almost instantly begins caking up and drying! Dip in water, repeat. After a certain amount of cycles of this, I run into hella trouble and more frustrations than anything, so the life of this nib seems VERY limited.

C'mon, Molotow. Love your brand to hell, but you gotta improve these 1mm nibs and EF markers or create a new non-clogging ink itself. It's 2017, there has to be a solution for this that we're all having! Reviews don't lie and are consistently horrible when it comes to these nibs drying/caking up. Otherwise, I love these nibs and they are an essential part of the process that completes my work beautifully.....when they actually work. If you need these like I do, stock up. They're great, yet terrible at the same time! I'm generously giving this tip a 2 star review due almost entirely of drying issues and short life span of nib.  2 of 5 Stars!