Molotow Cocktail - Coversall
Molotow Cocktail - Coversall
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Molotow Cocktail Ink - Coversall Formula
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typatag 01/23/2013
the cocktail inks are the highest quality black inks available.. nuff said

now here's a little recipe for the most effective black marker i've ever used. for big, eye candy, bleed through tags with no streaks in a pocket size marker:

- pocket version of a jumbo pump marker (molotow makes the best jumbo pumps)
- a 20mm t-nib
- a bottle of coversall (no additives needed! expect the quality you should get from a $22 dollar glass bottle of ink)

this marker bombed so hard that i started to use other markers less and coversall instantly became my favorite. it's basically a better version of otr's cold sweat marker. i refilled my black k-71 with this and it worked great. keep the nib juiced and write lightly for the best results with both markers.

because of its price, it's not the most ideal ink for big mops like the 4 ounce kiwi or soul tip unless you ration your squeezing or you have extra the money to burn. in either case i'd go for the speedflow for better drips.  5 of 5 Stars!