DecoColor 6pc. Primary Color Set
DecoColor 6pc. Primary Color Set
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Permanently cover nearly any surface with these Broad Point Opaque Markers. Brilliant color is lightfast ... more▾ 

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Huff 01/09/2013
Its my first time trying these out and I give them a 3 out of 5. These are pretty good for stickers. Some are opaque and others aren't. Each color has its different amount of coverage so they are pretty inconsistent. For your first pack of paint markers I recommend these just so you can have a fresh start at them before you move to the big boys (Molotow paint markers). I have both the primary and the hot color set and I haven't experienced any leaking which i'm seeing in a lot of reviews. For blackbook sessions these aren't that good, the color fades pretty bad and sometimes can even be streaky. If you do a lot of sticker art I recommend these because the colors are very vibrant on the type of paper. BE CAREFUL WITH HIGHLIGHTS. If you're putting white highlights be cautious of how hard you press down (I know your not supposed to do this) but the color will bleed right into the nib and you will have a half white half whatever and you will waste a lot of the paint scribbling the color out. Soon i'm gonna pick up the molotow markers, they are rumored to be better than these.  3 of 5 Stars!