Limited Edition Cans: Montana Black Artist Edition RAGE[1010389]
Montana Black Artist Edition RAGE

Montana Black Artist Edition RAGE


Montana Black Artist Edition RAGE
NEW! Limited edition Montana Black artist can by RAGE.

From Montana: Hamburg, Germany is renowned for extremely innovative and high-quality graffiti. But in a city so creatively prolific, where security is so tight and competition is even tighter, there is still room for one name to shine... a name that is synonymous with quality, innovation, and dedication when it comes to art and graffiti on trains. And that name is "RAGE". Since 1998 the name RAGE or RACHE (in German) has found its way into traffic in many forms, on many moving surfaces. For the 18th edition of the Montana BLACK ARTIST EDITION cans, this name has found its way onto another major moving surface, the Montana BLACK color, Black 9001. The most in-demand color of the range!

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