The Wally Spray Paint Cap[1006971]
The Wally Spray Paint Cap

The Wally Spray Paint Cap


The Wally Spray Paint Cap 10-Pack

The Wally: For that classic look and feel. A genuine vintage, n.o.s., ridged fat cap. Tested, selected, and dedicated in honor of the classic '70s household spray product - Big Wally wall washer. This cleaner boasted a near exact stock fat cap that became highly regarded among writers of that era. The Wally cap works on almost all female valve systems, along with male adapters.

(From CMC site) We spent a year researching and trial testing these caps to bring you the best product possible. Introducing the CMC Jiffy cap, modeled after the infamous stock cap found on Jifoam oven cleaner, and the CMC Wally cap, modeled after the original stock cap found on Big Wally Wall Washer, the foaming-action household cleaner. Classic caps for that nostalgic touch and feel!

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