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Art Primo US Fan Tip

Art Primo US Fan Tip


Art Primo US Fan Tip

A wide stem fan spray nozzle designed to fit domestic cans (made in the USA). Wide stem caps will fit brands like Quick Color, Color Place, Testors, Farm & Implement or many other Domestic spray paint cans cans with female valves.

Please note, these caps will not fit on most European paints and are not guaranteed to fit all variations of the brands listed above. For Euro brands, we only recommend use with Original MTN Spainish Hardcore cans.

This cap features an insert that allows you to orientate the spray pattern vertically or horizontally, making it an ideal choice for clear coating. AP TIP: Spray the first layer of clear coat horizontally, overlapping the the previous line by 50% to achieve a perfect seamless clear.

The possibilities are endless so pick up a few and get spraying today!

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday July 11, 2013.

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