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Mini Crusher Mohair Nib Questions And Answers
Will soul tip paint flow threw these ?
ArtPrimo: Definitely!
Yoooo AP whats up with these nibs??? The one I got with my squeezy E didnt flow at all. It worked when I first juiced it, and then became streakier and streakier. It almost felt like the mohair was bunching up, making it damn near imposible for the flow restricter to become depressed and allow ink to flow. But then I removed the flow restricter and it still wasnt flowing. Then I popped on the replacement I copped, IT DIDNT f*ckIN WORK EITHER!!!!! My friend copped a squeezy e and hos nib worked fine with molotow coversall ink, but for some reason mine didnt :( can you please explain to me what happened? AND btw I threw away the mop cuz it was pissin me off. BUT I will still be copping drip mop minis offa you guys cuz those are my #1 mop
ArtPrimo: Go ahead and contact customer service. They can help!
Would this nib fit on a krink k60?
ArtPrimo: No, you want the Drip Mop Mini Nib for Krink products;
Will AP ever make a felt nib for the mini crusher? Cuz I bought a mini crusher and it streaks hella with the mohair nib.
ArtPrimo: We/re working on it!
could you put this on a molotow 18mm mop
ArtPrimo: Yes it will! But its Mohair not the felt button style. Not that it matters to me, but some people care.
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Mini Crusher Mohair Nib
Mini Crusher Mohair Nib