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Magic Ink 60ml Refill
Magic Ink 60ml Refill
29 Reviews 5.0 of 5 Stars! Average Rating
Magic Ink 60ml Refill

by GASP23 -Read all my Reviews 08/27/2019
I've tried every color except the pale orange, yellow ochre, and olive green in marker form, but in bottle form, I've tried black, blue, red, purple, and white.

Every Color Except White:

This is a great line of dye ink. very stainy and bleeds through, but also versatile and will mix into many oil and alcohol based paints. I've successfully mixed it with pentel presto and white shorty, daiso correction pens, uni paints, texta 950s, rustoleum bucket paint (in a press n go), OTR soultip paint,

The ink works well for bombing, but is also very suited for slaps and blackbooks. On paper, the ink can blend pretty well due to its slower drying time, which is caused by the xylene base. The downside to this is that the ink can spread outward from where it is applied, making it less precise if applied heavily on porous surfaces.

The black is fairly fade resistant, but the other colors unfortunately are not. This is pretty much universal to dye inks, they all fade in the sun fairly quickly. I think they do better than OTR flowpen ink, though.

This product is typical of Xylene based markers and inks in that it is smelly. You definitely want to have some ventilation when using it indoors.

White Only:

This is a decent white paint/pigment ink that requires a pump action marker. It flows fairly well and behaves similarly to Uni paint white. I liked it best in the AP hit n go 8mm marker, but also works well in the bullet tip ones. I find that it separates in the nib, so when you want to get the marker going again, you need to pump it a bunch and write it around on some scratch paper until it is back up to full opacity.

This paint actually has a nicer smell than most oil based paints. it is an oddly nice sweet smell (compared to others) and is definitely unique from uni paint, deco color, and pentel white. I still recommend some ventilation wile using it.

5/5, this is a great product, and while I have some criticisms, I find myself using it all the time. Definitely a must try.

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by Müst¥ -Read all my Reviews 07/09/2019
Can’t pass this up for the price! Art Primo the plug.

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by Anonymous -Read all my Reviews 03/04/2019
i copped the black and the white. not sure if somebody already said this cuz i didnt read any other reviews but they are different.
the white is pigmented very flowy paint. runs great in the press in goes although it did clog the nib up after awhile of use and refills.
ive yet to try the white in a mop, but i imagine it runs grerat. the black is a stainer ink. since its oiled based, you can use it to top off or refill your black unipaints, which is what i used for. runs great, can make it drip if you want to by depressing the valve as you write. i write real fast, even so, no streaks at all. dope sh*t from AP

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by NoNoNe The GoD -Read all my Reviews 07/13/2018
I seen the review my main man GR put up and I had to get that white. holy sh*t that white is super opaque and it flows nice through everything. the most opaque white ive probable ever seen

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by Mr.decay -Read all my Reviews 02/28/2018
Magic ink!!!! So I bought the white and the yellow green. I mixed them and got a slime green that drips crazy!!! Don't sleep on this sh*t, also artprimo is the only place where it will ship as fast as lighting .

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by brayden m -Read all my Reviews 12/20/2017
had some one for all moltow in a mop threw a bit of this then some red otr and it f*cking dried out the mop nib thought it was the mop itsself and put it in a montana marker and the sh*t dried out tooso ye dont mix the 3

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