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AP Female Fatcap Questions And Answers
Question: These work on the reg original rustos? If you can, gimme the list this cap will work on pleasse??
Answer: (AP Reply)

Here is the compatibility chart link which has both male and female.
Question: Love snapping this thing on domestics for tags & fills... I know yellow Sekt is the current option, but i still gotta ask: Im never going to be blessed enough to see an official AP Female Transversal (callig) cap, am I?

Now that ive got a hand for clean (or dusty) top fades & all that stupid jazz, i dont really use anything other than fats or transversals for tags... (of course for fills or heavier designs i use thins & the variety depending on the brand).
Answer: (AP Reply) We are always on the lookout for compatible caps. At this time what we have is all that is available to us thorough the normal channels.
Question: I got some of these today and they spray out real slow and spatters everywhere. i popped it out of the bottom too. I was using it on a rusto 2x can. what gives?
Answer: (AP Reply) Slow and sputtery is a sure sign of a clogged cap.
Question: i bought 10 of these for my art class in school cuz all my classes are ONE ON ONE! one student one teacher! and all they do is leek and pop!! why do they do that? i tried every thing!!!!! then i just tried one in my house just to see if all them suck! and it poped and now paint is EVERYWERE! i called art primo and asked why its doing that and the guy said well its not are problum! i said to him well it will be when no one buys from you! then i called a week later and some mexican or hispanic guy picked up and he was nice about it and told me he would look into it! why are these caps doing this!
Answer: (AP Reply) It's simple. You aren't seating them properly. I use them all the time without a hitch. Take off the outer ring push down till it clicks. Easy as that.
  (Willis Says:) I removed the outer ring seated it listened for it to but, wouldn't stay on my painters touch 2x Rusto-leum. There was paint on my hands and can when I was done never got to piece with it. (APREPLY) We have sold millions of these caps. They definitely work. What you are describing is a poorly seated cap. Try it again. Press firmly and quickly. It might spray a bit out of the orifice buy it wont come out of the valve.
  (Save5pointz Says:) trust me i have! i at school but when i get home i will try it out
Question: Alls this sh*t does is leak like a b*tch when i put it on a painters touch wtf?
Answer: (AP Reply) You didn't seat it properly. Push it down till it clicks fully. It should spray out a bit when you do.
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AP Female Fatcap
AP Female Fatcap