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AP Cutty Mop Questions And Answers
Question: Can you use ironlank marker refill paint
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes, you can. This mop also works well with Molotow Permanent Paint refills.
Question: How many oz’s is it
Answer: (AP Reply) We don't have an exact ounce measurement, but it's small- maybe half an ounce? Our estimation is about 10-15 tags.
Question: could i run acrylic thru this well?
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes, you can- just make sure it's a high-flow.
Question: Yo so I got a replacement cutty mop cuz the nib on the old one broke, how do I get the nib on the mop without pushing straight down on the nib? Cuz I feel like thats what broke it :/
Answer: (AP Reply) You just have to be careful. You could have first round got a defective nib. When you press the little guy into the neck of the bottle, try distributing the force evenly so your not puncturing the nib... Perhaps use a flat surface like under a table so you can keep the bottle right-side up.
Question: Sooo, why is the nob such a tight fit?? AND I NEED HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!! So I filled my mop up with some illadel black label dye based ink, and the nib was such a b*tch to push on, that I had to just push straight down on the nib with both thumbs, but after I did that, the flow restricter wasn't working. The nob would constantly leak, and of I squeezed the mop, ink would flow through the nib, making it juicy and make it leak. Did the flow restricter break because I pushed down on the nib too hard? If so, how should I put on the nib so as to avoid this b*tch of a problem? PLEASE RESPOND SOON!
Answer: (AP Reply) It sounds like you broke the applicator in the nib and it no longer seals when unpressed. Email the site with your account info so they can help you;
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AP Cutty Mop
AP Cutty Mop