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    Rants & Raves by Jope    Friday February 22, 2013    
Subject: ups

You guys are all out dope. I placed an order with STANDARD shipping and I got it within 2 day. That's just insane. The rest of my product is gonna be bought here.
    Rants & Raves by BVRTRON from LOS ANGELES    Monday February 18, 2013    

ART PRIMO!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I call direct & i get a person on the other line who is straight up with all my questions & solutions. I love my orders sent to me here in LA Fast & on point! also with complimentary goodies! - BANG BANG! my go to online art supply store!
    Rants & Raves by .DW. from VA USA    Sunday February 17, 2013    
Subject: LOVE

Art Primo is and always will be the greatest thing in the world. STAY UP.
    Rants & Raves by GATOR from Tennessee    Friday January 11, 2013    
Subject: mad props

just wanted to let you that you guys are awesome! tried ordering graff supplies from other sites and was always a hassle BUT the transaction i had with you guys was super easy and fast!!!
    Rants & Raves by GudSamaritan from NorCal    Sunday December 30, 2012    
Subject: Props

Just wanted to say that you guys are by far the most professional graff suppliers thati have ever dealt with. The site layout is easy to navigate, the prices are good, the variety is far greater than most sites that I've been to, and the shipping was quick. Just wanted to make sure you guys know you have another loyal customer. I don't even normally write reviews or testimonials or anything. PS I hadn't even heard of Flame until I found Art Primo, so thanks for introducing me to it. Love the stuff.
    Rants & Raves by LIL REZ from marysville wa    Friday November 16, 2012    
Subject: Help

hey AP im live in marysville wa and need places to tag do you know any legal and illegal spot that are worth hitting up (apreply) where do I start... Look homie. You are just going to have to figure it out on the illegal stuff. I will say this though. Trying to crush a small town like Marysville will get you exactly 0 fame because no one is paying attention. Well one person will be. That one cop with absolutely nothing better to do than hunt you down. That's what always happens with these small town kids. They get caught doing a tag behind Circle K and end up facing 2 years inside for something that would get you a weekend stay in any large city. I suggest concentrating on getting your skills up on a permission wall. And when you are a big boy move as far as you can. I suggest NY or SF. There you can start yourself a career in infamy.
    Rants & Raves by db_phan    Sunday November 11, 2012    

SPEAK SOFTLY BUT CARRY A BIG CAN OF PAINT, FOR GRAFFITI SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. the items here are dope ! The Montana cans are sexy and sick AF !
    Rants & Raves by thenameisnina    Saturday October 27, 2012    
Subject: Thanks for free stuff

Love free stuff, thanks!!
    Rants & Raves by TheLord from VA    Thursday August 02, 2012    
Subject: Covert

Just a quick tip for those using clear (see-thru) mops who wanna look less suspicious. Put a sticker or label around your mop. If you filled with Smash bubblegum or some other pink, put a Pepto Bismol wrapper around it. For other colors such as blue, red, green, etc. try those "Sour Gel Drippy Candy"-type wrappers like you see at video stores & 1 stop shops. That is all.
    Rants & Raves by PTJ— from NJ USA    Sunday July 15, 2012    
Subject: Props to Artprimo

ive only had 3 orders but im loving it. before i found AP, i was using Bombing Science and that sh*t was expensive, considering i live in NJ and shipping 11$ for a OTR flow pen. but i love the flatrate of 4.99 for shipping. thats awesome. i had a problem with my second order, it was processing for a day or two then i called up AP and they shipped it that day and gave me extra goodies which i found kick ass. and that issue was only cause they were out of the certain nib, and they worked it out and ill get the order in two days. you guys are kick ass. i love you guys!
    Rants & Raves by TheLord from VA    Friday June 15, 2012    
Subject: Big Ups

I just wanna give some props to the people at art primo. I cant front, sometimes I order from other graff supply sites becuz they have certain products I cant find at AP, or maybe their prices are a lil lower. Nonetheless I have never been disappointed with AP's customer service. Yall's staff is very professional & for that I thank you. Yall always ship fast. Yall are quick to reply to my emails/calls, answering questions, etc. Some of the ppl who run these other sites are slackin, waiting to ship stuff 3 days after I order, no delivery status or email confirmation, dont know sh*t about their own products...very lame. But AP is above all that staleness. Keep doing yalls thing. I hope to see some new demo videos soon. Yo Green Ranger give a shout out to The Lord in VA!! The Eastside loves Art Primo. Peace & elbow grease.
    Rants & Raves by blind from arizona    Sunday May 13, 2012    
Subject: graffiti

graffiti whether you think its art or not, its part of everyday life to street artist like me and many others. to "concern parents" there is no rehab to graffiti and never will be. you would be surprised how much i hate graffiti yet i love it so much that its nearly impossible for me to stop. and im blowed af
    Rants & Raves by graff,graff,graff from Australia    Wednesday May 09, 2012    
Subject: my medication

to be perfectly honest, graffiti is the only thing that seems to be making me happy. i swear if i didn't have this i would have gone completely off the rails with depression.
    Rants & Raves by beam 96 from california    Saturday May 05, 2012    
Subject: graff is art

alright well idk whats the point of this page right here where we give our oppinion it aint like this is going to the government or obama ... WELL i just wana say graffiti will never die and ppl who dont like graffiti are just blind....BEAM-96 ...right i plan on takeing my graff art so far that when i die ill be a legend :D laugh if u want but wait till u see me on news papers and the media and graff web sites and magazines for graff and so on ...lates ....GRAFF LIFE
    Rants & Raves by mr.writeswritesallover from Houston    Friday May 04, 2012    
Subject: ChildofGod

No one wants to hear about your idiotic Christ conversion sh*t. Save it for the pulpit at church.
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