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Rants & Raves.    Have a question? Then click here: Ask Art Primo 
    Rants & Raves by daniel    Friday June 26, 2020    
Subject: slow

you say same day shipping???????????????????????????
    Rants & Raves by Chris...BLOBONER from Az    Tuesday June 02, 2020    
Subject: Streaks

I love the streaks I think they are better then Sakura markers.... especially the silver it's like writing with lite on a dark surface or like a hot knife threw butter
    Rants & Raves by Devon Taitano from Texas    Sunday November 10, 2019    
Subject: Need HELP!

Spam bots are never okay, but beyond that GRAFFITI COMMUNITY I NEED DIRE HELP AS I AM A NEWBIE BUT it is sooooooooo hard finding info when so many threads and stuff like that around. It’s hard to find newbie friendly stuff. If anyone for the love of god can talk to me 1 on 1 with my questions I would love you guys. My Instagram is @yevonnn that is where I am most active. Please please please artprimo or anyone for that matter contact me for the love of Graffiti, art, and most importantly do it for the MF CULTURE !!!!!
    Rants & Raves by STUKA from Queens, New York City    Sunday February 10, 2019    
Subject: Best ink

What Motolow ink is best for uni wide marker? I know for sure you don't use paint ink. Talk to me...
    Rants & Raves by Joey from Georgia U.S.A    Thursday November 08, 2018    
Subject: Online order

Just wanted to say this is one of the easiest companies I have ever dealt with online. I had called this company a few days prior to my order with questions about the Motolow Liquid Chrome markers (which by the way are Insanely AWESOME!!) and there was a young lady whose name I do not remember that answered all of my questions and even gave me more info that was equally important! I greatly appreciated that as well, so basically what I’m saying in all this that this company has me/ my company as a lifetime customer. Thank you, Joey Nichols A-1 Metal Art
    Rants & Raves by SYKIK from New Zealand    Friday August 03, 2018    
Subject: Website and international shipping

CHANGED TO A QUESTION First off, love and respect to AP for their dedication. But could you guys fix the site up a a bit, the navigation is so confusing. For example, to buy Magic ink markers you will have to go to arts and collectables _ imports _ then select whichever marker. Also, lower the price on international shipping! I cant afford $30nzd rates! AP REPLAY: Or you could select from the Marker Brand Menu and on the main navigation and click on the Magic Ink section? We have it listed as an image and as a hyperlink. Email us for custom shipping quotes,
    Rants & Raves by saneoner    Wednesday December 13, 2017    
Subject: question for the team

do you think the ap team could hit up the black book i'm ordering just like the inside cover with tags or something?
    Rants & Raves by Rosa from Uruguay    Wednesday December 06, 2017    
Subject: 1mm nibs

First I'd like to say I love the flow of the ink of the 127 Oneforall markers and wish there were more shades of colours. But the reason for my rant is that I am absolutely appalled at how horrible the 1mm nibs are. I purchased about 10 packs of nibs, 1.5 and 1 mm. The 1 mm I have used 4 of them in less than 2 hours of painting. They clog and stop working, no ink flows through them and it is impossible to make them work again. I have to throw them away, cannot paint with 1mm nibs because they work for a while and then kaputt. So what is going on? The 1.5 and 2 mm nibs work really well, but I feel cheated off my money with the 1 mm nibs that don't work. Plus all the ink wasted from exchanging nibs! I hate to see that go down the drain. Molotow should take into consideration how terrible these 1 mm nibs are (they look pretty and initially have a nice flow, but suddenly, out of the blue they stop and there is no way to "unclog" them. There are no Molotow products were I am from, so I've had to have markers and nibs brought from the US and Germany (by mail and friends) only to go through FOUR 1 mm nibs in 2 hours! What a waste...of nibs, ink and my time and money. I am frustrated and disgusted with this product. Molotow, don't make 1 mm nibs if you are going to make them this bad. Every single user of 1 mm nibs on earth, must have had this type of problem, how can you continue selling this? I hope someone addresses this issue for the sake of Molotow's image and the sake of getting as much repeat business as possible. Thank you.
    Rants & Raves by PHLIP WAS USB from Melburn AUS    Thursday November 23, 2017    
Subject: Love and Support

well what isn/t there to say about art primo the vids the customer support. all get a A+ in my book you lads are the reason I'm broke and can't get a Big Mac meal from maccas..and I'm proud of it too keep it up guys hope to see GR in Melbourne one day to try Aussie Export
    Rants & Raves by SK    Friday September 22, 2017    
Subject: AP

yo ArtPrimo where do I start? honestly I wouldn't even care if you ran your business like a joke because you got everything I could ever want/need but you don't do that! you run your business like you actually care about artists out there! especially the ones that don't get paid to do it but just do it because they love to paint/draw/get creative. GR knows his sh*t and you can tell he loves what he does (How could he not?). Molotow products are impossible to find in stores. Hobby Lobby carried molotow for like a year then abrubtly stopped I think they realized they were getting racked whatever f*ck Hobby Lobby. God Bless ArtPrimo AP 206!!
    Rants & Raves by L from Denver, CO    Wednesday May 24, 2017    
Subject: AP reigns supreme

There really are no reasons you shouldn't be ordering from Art Primo if you're looking for graff supplies.. They have you covered from blackbook to bombing and their shipping is dumb fast!! The AP brand products I've tried are really high quality and pretty cheap, which is rare to find these days. And I can't say enough about Green Ranger, never been one for youtube channels or sh*t like that but he is great. Reachable to beginners and pros alike. Fairly new to AP, but want to get the wholesale flame orange if I can find a few others to split. Do have one suggestion though... It would be great if you sold a few general hardware store items, like funnels and rags. Would save a lot of trips out, and I'd love to order even more stuff from AP
    Rants & Raves by Steve from California    Friday September 23, 2016    
Subject: Best Customer Service

AP stocks great products, makes great products, and has great customer service. The awesome videos are just the icing on the cake. All around great company. LOVING my blue spring fever filled drip mop and the toxic shocker! Had a small issue with shipping, and they helped sort everything out for me. Just bought a AP solid marker and another filled drip mop, damn i love these filled drip mops! Like everyone else is saying, the shipping is really fast! ArtPrimo got the good prices, supplies are expensive in my town.
    Rants & Raves by Mike    Monday August 01, 2016    
Subject: AP service and Smash Ink

Art Primo is so badass. I just ordered the Playa Blue Smash Ink and first of all, AP is f*ckin johnny-on-it with the delivery. I got my sh*t hella quick. They even threw in a couple stickers and a fat cap. Lord knows i love me some free stickers yo. So thank you guys for your dope customer service. You guys got a custy for life. Now, as for the blue smash. Holy f*ck balls. This sh*t is some of the dopest stuff out there in my opinion anyway. i LOVE the blue. Its perfect for my drip mop mini. It really does stand out and catch your eye for sure. On a wall full of tags youll most likely be drawn to this blue first. But anywho, thank you guys for being and staying on the ball. Its because of that that ill happily give you guys all my money from now on! lol! Thanks again homefries!
    Rants & Raves by 619x1905    Friday March 18, 2016    
Subject: Great Service

great service beats the price compared to my local graff shop by half the price at times... for instance spring fever mops are resold for$ 8 when i can get two for that price at ART PRIMO.....keeep it Pushin
    Rants & Raves by jc from maryland    Sunday February 28, 2016    
Subject: cap labels

Guys, there is such a wide variety of caps, each with their own purpose and many of them look alike. The very simplest thing in the world to do would be to label your caps prior to shipping. I order them 50-100 at a time in packs of 10, and I like to experiment with new caps. But each time you ship them, none of the packs are labeled. Sometimes someone will scribble something illegible on there with a sharpie, but most often it's just a clear zip-bag with caps. I have no idea what's what, so I have to go back to the website, look up what I ordered, match it up with the pictures on your CAPS page, and then make my own labels. Otherwise, in the field I would have NO IDEA what cap to use, or be able to tell which were my favorites.
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