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... from san diego    Friday May 25, 2012 Asked this Question:
Subject: paint cans
Question: hey guys.. i ordered sum montana cans and i put the art primos sticker that comes with the box on one of the cans cuz i thoght thats what you have to do and now the can looks bad.. i tried to paint black with a paint brush and sum house paint but it wont go away and i try to get it off with some sandpaper after the house paint dry for 2 minuts but it didnt do help.. can i sent it back in a box and bring it to the post office and get a new one? cuz when i touch it it feels sticky and it makes my fingers and my hand black.. thanks guys
AP Reply: I really hope this is a troll... But if it isn't, then let me tell you a little story from when I was a young man, working at Circuit City (selling computers). So this customer calls and says the cup holder on his "Crappard Bell" snapped off. I am a bit thrown off and ask him to please repeat his problem in detail. He then says that he wants to "return this crap computer" because "if they cant make a cup holder durable enough for his Big Gulp then who knows what else is going to go wrong with it" I was incredulous because I just realized what he was saying. Playing along, I then asked him where the "cup holder" was. He then mocks me for not knowing about my computers, and explains to me about the little button on the front that you push to make the cup holder slide out. My mind was reeling. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This man really believed that the CD ROM was a cup holder and now wants a new computer. Since it was a pretty crucial part of his computer we told him that we would install a new one for free if he bought a replacement drive. I think that was a fair solution since the machine needed it to operate properly. But we weren't going to buy him a new one, as this was clearly computer abuse. While your mistake is also rooted in inexperience and assumptions I think in your case, you would be best served to learn for your mistake and move on. The can is fine. Put masking tape over that part and use the can. There is no problem with how the can works and shipping back will cost more than the can is worth. Also, I cannot take it back as it is not in sellable condition. So just use it man. It works perfectly
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