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Monday - May 11, 2009 05:50:40 PM

So the first one is the 49rs cap...

As you can see this cap produces nice flairs and is a bit softer. I would say a lil bit bigger than a Pink Dot,
but we're splitting hairs here.

The Next big boy is the Silver Fat

This one definitley has more pressure, you can feel it. also, it doesn't get the as thin as the 49er. I personally like this cap for tagging.

The next up is the Euro Fats...

I really like the feel of these caps. Good flare solid lines and fat sprays. I would say more like the silver and less like the 49er

Now for das Blaster.

HOLY SH#T DID JESUS JUST COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN AND HAND MR THE KEYS TO THE FU$KI$G KINGDOM OF HEAVEN?!?!?!?!?The flare on the end of that "T" is about 10 feet up!

In Conclusion. I feel that any of these caps will suit you. Personally for me once a cap gets past a pink dot they are only really are only differentiated by the pressure and volume of paint. the width tends to be negligble. So just try them all and stick with the one you like the most.

The blaster is a whole different story. Dat shizzzz be crazy!

posted by HARMN BAMMER
(3) comments
On Monday - May 11, 2009 10:10:51 PM -- dopewriters wrote:
where the Art Primo Extinguisher Cap cap test?(ap reply) not yet but soon
On Friday - May 15, 2009 11:46:57 AM -- cyber_sex wrote:
sick @$$ sh*t damn!!! thats all i can say
On Friday - April 23, 2010 01:55:17 PM -- sdw1 wrote:
Damn, i just noticed that the train tn the first pic has "ARMN" on it,,haha those caps kick @$$ too
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