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Art Primo Exclusive Interview: Wreckage Kult

Wreckage Kult Interview - by M.O. - Nov. 3 2008

Wreckage Crew's collaborative efforts have been featured in magazines, videos and trains worldwide. Pars is a seasoned Seattle artist with shows at BLVD, Bumbershoot and upcoming Together Gallery in Portland. Hotel and Daner's handiwork are featured on trains and hobo hangouts across America.

We got a chance to talk to Wreckage Kult about their art, views on graffiti and their upcoming show at the Art Primo Showroom.

Art Primo: What do you write and how long have you been writing?

Parskid: I write Pars, since around 1999
Hotel: Since 99, lots of other names besides Hotel.
Daner: I've been writing Daner since 99 as well.

AP: Do you represent any crews? What are they and how long have you been down?

Parskid: I rep Wreckage Kult and Rise Above.
Hotel: Wreckage Kult.
Daner: I represent Wreckage Kult, AF, A4Y, PiRats, HBF, BTM

AP: How would you describe your style of art?

Parskid: Fantasy Metal Folk Art
Hotel: Old timey vintage signage
Daner: Drunken Scribbles

AP: What influences did you have when you first started?

Parskid: old MSK and AWR simple styles, SF graffiti, Trains, freight monikers
Hotel: and train I saw in 99, 4DC KYT and Erupto
Daner: Die4, Graver, Jaber, Gosa, Lohs and Tron.

AP: How often do you travel to paint?

All: We try to at least a few times a year.

AP: Have you had any close calls with authorities while painting? And can you tell us one of those stories?

All: One time when all 3 of us were painting together in South Seattle in the industrial area. We start to paint some fill-ins and a private security car shined a light at us so we took off and started walking down the street and he followed us so we cut to the bus lanes and ditched our bags and then started to make a get away when we got surrounded by about 6 cop cars and each of us got pulled aside separately and questioned. Since we had a story figured out and ditched our paint they ended up letting us go. Turns out they thought we were trying to break in the building where we were painting.

AP: How do the authorities approach graffiti where you live? And do you feel that it helps clean the streets or encourages more vandalism?

All: They hate graffiti writers and graffiti and buff consistently. It doesn't really keep everything clean. Just causes people to find new ways to get up and more destructive ways of vandalism like etch and going over shitty murals which we fully endorse.

AP: What makes you want to keep doing graffiti?

Parskid: It's addictive of course. I find myself having to write on stuff no matter how much I'm getting up at that moment in time. It's always great to see the reactions people have to it, good or bad.
Hotel: I like the instant gratification of creative things that take off and move and have a life of their own after that.
Daner: I'm hooked por vida.

AP: Where do you believe the line is drawn between what is a paintable surface and what is off limits?

Parskid: Nothing is really off limits. I've written of most everything. Try not to tag on people personal shit but you know, it happens.
Hotel: Everyone has there own personal limitations on what they're comfortable with
Daner: The only thing I won't paint on is Nuns' buns.

AP: What do you think about the current state of graffiti? And how has it changed since you first started?

Parskid: I don't think about it really. The internet and easily accessible tools have done some damage though.
Hotel: I don't think about it. I just think about my own stuff and what I see in real life.
Daner: There's more writers and a lot more knuckleheads, that want to get my knuckles to their heads.

AP: Do you have any favorite colors or color combinations that you like to paint with?

All: Blank fills, white outlines and the rusto rainbow.

AP: What do you get more pleasure from, piecing or bombing?

Parskid: Bombing lately, I don't really have an attention span to sit their and paint a piece for that long.
Hotel: I like finding good spots and whatever fits the spot best.
Daner: Piecing.

AP: Tell us about this show that will be showing at the Art Primo Showroom.

All: It's a collection of different pieces and objects centered around our graffiti style.

AP: What other events are on your horizon? And what other projects are you currently working on?

Parskid: Moving to a remote location in the woods, traveling…
Hotel: I'm looking for a nice pair of Peter Pan pants. (answered by Daner)
Daner: I'm looking for kidney and liver damage and a deviated septum.

Shout outs to Osker and Haiku, Big Stakola, Black Klooney, Pony Graves, 2 Hated, Towel, Big Bely, Julian, Tony Bones, Waster and the rest of those Rank Asses, Die4, Hans, Gar, Loose, Bosko, RVEE, NOK homies, Hawaii AF homies, RIP BHIVER, RIP RIOT. Big Bear 40's, Rusto, Marsh Ink, Prestos & Hobos. Sekto and the HD's, Dement, Chip7, Ego

Check out the Weckage Kult art show at the Art Primo Showroom - Friday, Nov 7th. 2008