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The Things Myke Likes
The Things Myke Likes

German Outline 2 Why? I like them because they're fairly versatile and quick. Paint sprays through them nice and quick. Since I like to paint fast, this cap works well for me. They aren't the skinniest caps out there, but I can get a skinny-enough line out of them. Plus they don't clog like Grey Dots and some other caps. If you pull away from your painting surface a little it turns into medium/fatter cap. So it's nice to fill with, and you can outline with it just fine. I use mostly Belton paint, but this cap will work on other brands as well. Try it on a high pressure can, it gets a lot fatter than regular cans, and I think it's more manageable than some fat caps. And, the best part about these is that they contour to your finger.

Respirators Why? This should be pretty self explanatory, however, some people don't get it. Once you start coughing up nasty sh*t, and you blow your nose and see your fill colors, it's time to take care of yourself. Invest in a mask. It's cheaper than medical expenses and damaging your noodle. These masks come in 3 different sizes so you can get the perfect fit. Also, replacement cartridges are available. Most people don't know that the cartridges go bad after so many hours of use, or not storing the mask properly. Use a large zip lock bag, and keep the mask in there when your not using it. Buy some replacement cartridges so your set for a while.

Mist: Debil Inside Book Why? This must be the most under appreciated books that we have. Nobody knows about this book. Mist has some crazy skills. This book features some of his walls, sculptures, toys, canvases and drawings. Mist's colorful pieces and characters have the ability to inspire even the most talented artists. This book should be kept on file as reference for clean lines, colorful pieces, letter styles, characters, and illustrations. Don't judge it by the cover. Check out all the inside photos to see what this books about.

Sakura Solid Markers Why? Sakura markers are my favorite. They write on almost any surface. And you can split them and come up with custom color schemes. They are super cheap, so theres no reason why you can't order a box of 12 and keep yourself fully stocked always. For those who grew up using Mean Streaks, these are the next generation of solid paint stick markers. These markers aren't that big either, so you can stick two of three of them in your pocket and not look like your are carrying a stick of dynamite or something.

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    The Things Myke Likes