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Molotow One4All Info Page

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ABOUT Molotow One4All Markers

The Molotow High Solid ONE4ALL paint line is designed specifically to meet the high standards of artist professionals. What makes this marker superior is it's patented valve system which was designed specifically for an even and consistent flow from the nib. The nibs themseves are interchangeable.

ONE4ALL High Solid is a highly pigmented, ready to use acrylic water-based, completely solvent-free paint. One4All can be diluted with water for translucent effects or with acetone for permanence on leather surfaces. It is high-covering, quick-drying. It is 100% UV- and weather-resistant suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. All colors are can be mixed for custom colors and can be used with a a brush, airbrush, other empty marker bodies and more. One4All is the most universal paint on the market.

  • Versitle Marker Body and Design
  • 50 Highly Pigmented One4All Colors
  • Refillable with interchangable nibs
  • Water-based Acrylic Paint
  • Available in Kits & Sets
  • Works well with other heavy bodied acrylics and mixable
  • Satin Finish
  • UV resistance
  • Color Compatible with Molotow Premium Spray Paint
  • Made In Germany

Molotow Extra Fine Marker
Molotow Extra Fine Marker
The EX Fine 127 marker comes with a 1mm nib for details and fine lines. This nib is .5mm thinner than the Crossover Nib although it looks very similar. The nibs are made of solid plastic which is durable on rough surfaces, easy to clean and delivers consistent lines. You may use also exchange these nibs for the 1.5 Crossover and 2mm One4All nibs. Come in Signal Black and White only.Order here
Molotow Crossover Marker
127 Crossover Marker
The crossover markers are great alternatives to the 127 HS 2mm Marker for finer details. They have the same fluid capacity and body but with a fine 1.5mm line. Nylon nib is long lasting and easy to clean with water. You may switch out the 1mm Extra Fine and 2mm Standard into this marker. Order here
127 2mm Marker
127 2mm Marker
The 2mm nib is a classic in the paint marker game. Molotow's One4All version blows all the others out of the water, thestraight foward bullet fine line is great for outlining, detailing and working with other sizes. You can interchange a calligraphy, fine, and extra fine line nib in this most versitle marker. Order here
Acrylic Twin Marker
One4All Twin Marker
The best of both worlds, this marker has duel ends which highlight the 1.5 crossover Nib and the 227 bold broad nib on the other end. They both share the same liquid capacity, perfect for travel. Order here
227 4mm Marker
Order here 227 4mm Marker
The bolder 227 4mm nibbed marker is great for larger peices or if you're working on a project with rougher surfaces. This nib can handle a lot more. Similar to a Deco, the bullet nib is great for canvases, skateboards, and large paintings. Order here
4-8 Marker
327 Marker
Armed with a calligraphy 4-8mm nib, the 327 showcases One4All paint in a new light. The angled nib is great for filling in large areas while the fine tipped side is ideal for thin lines and details. Use this model for calligraphic styles that alternate from thick to thin lines in one stroke. You may also interchange this product with a round nib. Order here
627 Marker
627 Marker
The Jumbo version of this marker means you have more paint to work with. This marker features a 15mm nib that is replaceable. This is the largest One4All body marker on the marker, with a 1.5 fluid oz capacity, this is a perfect fit for larger than life jobs. Order here

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