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Art Primo Article Molotow ONE4ALL Premium Paint
Art Primo Articles: Molotow ONE4ALL Premium Paint

To understand the value of Molotow's ONE4ALL Premium Paint, we must first discuss it's purpose. Molotow says you can use it with almost any application from markers, to paint brushes, to airbrushing. The "ink" is actually an water based acrylic paint. It's designed to cover over many surfaces, while maintaining it's rich and bright pigments. It's primary use is to refill the new line of High Solid markers. But Molotow clearly spent extra time to make sure that the formula will work well in the airbrush market. This paint was two years in the making, and the results clearly show.

The ONE4ALL Premium Paint is ready to use in your airbrush, as well as in many other applications. In the airbrush world, many other paints need to be diluted before they can be sprayed. But Molotow's paint flows really smoothly through an airbrush as soon as you crack the seal.

These paints come in 180ml bottles, which translate to roughly just over 8 ounces. The price is $24.99 per bottle, and that is roughly just over $4 per ounce. Now if you were to go to the store to price out airbrush ink, the cheapest paints start at about $4.50 per ounce. And those cheap ones in the store are exactly that, cheap. Even if you are just starting out in airbrushing, cheap paint can really cost you a lot. If you've ever had to spend time finding the right mixture for your paint, then you know what I mean. And this is especially true if you clogged your airbrush and had to take it apart to clean it. So that means that per ounce, the Molotow One 4 All paint is cheaper and far superior than the entry and even mid level paints available.

I got to thoroughly test these paints recently. For years and years I always used the cheap paint available at my local arts and crafts store. I was never painting murals on cars or anything that required me to use expensive paints. So I have been patient with my cheap paint. But trying the Molotow ONE4ALL paints changed my perception of airbrush paint. The first thing I noticed was that you don't have to mix them down. I put some paint into my airbrush and it sprayed really really well. Next, I noticed that it covers over other paint easily. Keep in mind these are opaque paints. You can make them into transparent paints by thinning them down. Hopefully we will see a solution come from Molotow sometime in the future. I started mixing black and white together to create a nice gray scale to work with. The paints mix together just fine. In no time flat, I have five or six shades of gray to work with. When I was working with the Molotow ONE4ALL paints, I felt that is more like working with Molotow Premium paint. They had nice bright colors, they applied and covered as you would expect them to, and you never had to think or worry about what you were using. The more time you spend trying to get your paint to cooperate, the less time you spend creating art. I like to work quickly and efficiently while delivering bright and colorful artwork. And like most Molotow products, the ONE4ALL paints cater to my artistic style.

The last point I want to make about the ONE4ALL's value, is that you can use them with the rest of the Molotow line of products. If your project requires the use of these paints in combination with Molotow Premium spray paint, then you will be happy to know they work together perfectly. Or maybe you just need to clear coat your airbrush painting. Molotow's clear coat paints are also made to work with the One 4 All paints. Color matching was an important requirement for Molotow when they were developing these formulas. The colors for the ONE4ALL line were taken from the Molotow Premium colors. So matching colors from a sketch done with ONE4ALL markers to a full size mural done with Molotow Premium is extremely useful and easy. In addition, the colors easily mix together. That increases the 18 colors in the ONE4ALL line to have endless color options.