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The Things Armn Likes
The Things Armn Likes

NY Fat Caps Back before the days of internet we used to rack these off of glass cleaner. other than NYO's this is about all you could get back then. Since there was no graff shops anywhere you can imagine how tight it was to come up on these bad boys. This was definitely the Cap of choice for UFB. But that's history now. This is the Modern era of fancy low pressure cans homiez!! Lucky for us this cap has weathered the test of time by being the perfect cap for Molotow. Its a great pressure sensitive outline cap for all around use. if you really open up the valve its perfect for filling! And at $6.89 for 100 you would be stupid to waste the time to rack them. I guarantee you will not find them cheaper anywhere on the net. Cop these Son!

Molotow Burner Black Marker Cop this now mayne! Its a deep blue black beastly bit that has that sheen similar similar to pen ink. Also as a bonus Its comes stock with the T-nib. This little piece Writes smooth and just Kills altogether. If you are going to get a premium marker definitely grab this bad boy. you will love it! when When you finally kill it get some Smash Ink in that bad boy and kill the white man repeatedly. Also while your at it..Check out the OTR "Cold Sweat"

Smash InkOh you dont know? Sorry you were sleeping on it homie but this aint your uncles Junobo. This is a true premium pigmented Xylene based Ink that just kills everything. Got a Drip mop? Pour it in and watch the smooth drips fall. Notice it doesn't streak like the other inks? that's because this is the real and deal and not some streaky oil paint mixture. How can it get any better you ask? Well MR Big nuts ONER. Put it in an empty Molotow and run the city. ever tried that with any of the other "inks" these clowns make(or buy)? FUGHETABOUTIT!

Coversall III Get on this level homie! This is the real deal steel high pressure mastadon. grab that phallic 750 and watch everyone tremble when you spray over any wet metal surface you can. this is guaranteed to work in any conditions and will spray in a way that makes drive by shooters look like flower girls. If you get anything get this sun!!!!

Dalo How many emails am I gonna get about these god damn markers? ok we got them now so buy them and quit asking me if they work underwater(they do) so cop these and tell your mom Isaid hi and thanks for the new dunks.

Pixacao. DAYYYYUUMM BIg Shit playa' you tagged the bathroom at your school? You probably think your pretty tight right now dont you? Well your not. you are toy compared to these guys. ever grow up in a dump and eat garbage your whole liyfe? and then get recruited into a gang at 9 years old to start robbing random tourists.. then in your spare time you create 7 person high human ladders to catch floating roller tags 8 stories up. and when your not sniffing glue or avoiding getting murdered by the cops you take the time to steal roofing tar from jobsites and catch wreck. I dont think so.

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