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Molotow Burner Gold 600ml Questions And Answers
Question: Whats the best thin cap to use for this?
Answer: (AP Reply) grey dot or black dot
Question: If I use this on my bike, will it do well outdoors?
Answer: (AP Reply) It will but the Burner paints have a residual that you might not like. If you want a good reflective gold finish for your bike try the Belton Special Gold Effekt (yes we know it/s spelled funny). This will be the best metallic for metal.
Question: is this toxic?
Answer: (AP Reply) why are you eating it?
  (MARKADOR Says:) I think he is asking if the solvents in this paint are harmful. To answer your question all paint contains solvents that may cause harm to your well-being, such as Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Kerosene, Naphtha, And other related hydrocarbons. Less Harmful solvents include: Methyl Alcohol(Denatured Alcohol) Methanol is actually poisonous ,2Butanone(MEK), Acetone, n-Butyl Acetate, and Ethyl Acetate. [n-Butyl acetate Is an irritant to the upper respiratory tract (throat and nose), while ethyl Acetate may cause mild irritation and temporary disablement.] IN ANY CASE A PROPERLY FITTED RESPIRATOR IS ADVISED WITH A PAIR OF ORGANIC VAPOR CARTRIDGES!(apreply)I was having fun and I appreciate your input, but Molotow Doesn't have nearly all the chemicals you list. This aint no junk foo! The highest concentrations of voc's are going to be the less harmful Butane, propane and ethyl acetate. As in all spray paints there is Xylene, but only trace amounts. I always suggest a respirator. But there really is a difference in the quality of the Belton paints when it comes to your health.
Question: Can i bomb in the rain with this
Answer: (AP Reply) yes
Question: Will this gold paint stick on ceramics, plastics, and smooth metals?
Answer: (AP Reply) It should stick on ceramics just fine. For plastics that arent going to be handled it should work fine with some plastics primer. If its going to be handled of if it flexes a lot it might crack. this will work great on metal.
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Molotow Burner Gold 600ml
Molotow Burner Gold 600ml