What can I do about wrong ink/marker

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What can I do about wrong ink/marker

Postby play on Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:07 pm

OK so I bought a brand new (old school type) Mini, and Uni.
Into the mini I placed Art Primo's "Smash Ink"
The ink is really "Too Thick" it doesn't "flow", it streaks, horribly, from the 1st time out. (Brand new Mini, brand new tip, along with a new bottle of ("Bubble-gum" Smash-Ink), and it's streakin. thought it would flow nice Like a new Pilot. but noooooo...
1)- What can I do to thin out the smash-Ink? [Alcohol, Mineral Spirits, Lighter Fluid, Oil?] to make it thin enuf to flow through a felt tipped marker
What ink should I use in Mini's and Uni's [now that Flow-Master Inks] no longer made. (yea, I'm old school. I'm old school as it gets. Grew up in Queens Flushing, tagging all the queens busses, doin pieces, at the lay-ups on the 4,5, & 6, back in the days before, "the crack down" Heck I even did pieces on the E & F Lines, which in those days wasn't easy. Thats when I got shot with a salt gun. talk about pain. we bombed so many busses and trains, we used to go through a whole can of Flow-Master ink a night. No St.
2)- To restore my new Mini?
3)- what ink should I use in the Mini's and Uni's Now-a-days?

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Re: What can I do about wrong ink/marker

Postby Kneiss on Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:33 pm

From everything I've read, Smash is too thick for the mini nib. The best thing to thin it down with would be xylene, that's what smash ink is based on. Be careful what maker/mop you throw that stuff into, because xylene eats through plastic. There's a lot of resources available through art primo that give you some good info as to what the best paint/ink/mop/marker combo is. I'm pretty sure you can wash out your nib with xylene and it should be good to go. And as far as a good ink to throw in there, I prefer the Molotow coversall. It's pricey, but this stuff is pitch black, really opaque, and flows really well. I'd use it in a less drippy scenario, like the mini, just so you can conserve more, cause if you get up as much as you say you do, you're gonna spend $$$$ on this sh*t. I've also found that the OTR inks are great too (not the soultip paint tho, that stuff is thick), but they tend to fade a little over time.
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Re: What can I do about wrong ink/marker

Postby vote4Durden on Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:37 am

OTR ink is weak imo. That Molotow Coversall ink is good and we have that Speed Flow Molotow ink here at my local art store. Those are good. Smash is good for sturdy mops. Get a window chalk marker and wrap it with electrical tape. Smash has eaten every mop I have ever put it in. Also, you can mix bucket paint with xylene to almost the same result as Smash.
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