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Re: obey plagarism

Postby Duke EeLLington on Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:29 pm

Sime. wrote:genius? the f*ck? if someone took ur artwork, changed the colors, put it on a shirt and called it theres and gave u no credit would u call them a genius? hollyyy sh*t

You are not understanding the significance of the imagery he is using. You are seeing through a very tunnel-vision perspective.
Yes, he is using an example of an image of Big Brother from the movie and book 1984 but he is in real life making a statement as to what it means.

Do you understand the significance of what Big Brother is? Have you read this book or watched the movie? Would you have known about this image and it's history had you not hated so hard on Fairy's work? If you did already know about this work and the significance do you think yourself an intellect? Are you smarter than the average bear? What does this make "The Average Bear"? Say someone that went to a sh*tty public school, someone who doesn't care to read but watches TV and claims it "hurts their heads". Not knowing the significance of Big Brother but seeing those images in the streets wheat-pasted in their neighborhoods, on shirts their homies buy at Urban Outfiters, on stickers they put on their skateboards; THIS IS SUBVERSIVE BRAINWASH. This is the ultimate goal of anyone critically thinking while doing graffiti. An effective, subversive campaign make people think without intruding on their thoughts. You hear 1+1=3 enough unconcisously, you may begin to believe it. In the book they have a more forceful way of brainwashing the characters.

Now think in context to the rest of the images he is using. How he is manipulating them into a social message (not social like Facebook friend, social like how our society is built). Very famous rifles held in the air for Communist China. Their meaning? Call to arms. His interpretation? He hints at the very famous photograph of the hippy putting the flower in the gun of a swat team member. Do you even know the significance of what Communist China was for young people? How about the hippy movement in the 60's? Think real hard and mush them together.

I think you need to start critically thinking about the gunk you are putting on the internet and how your values as an artist are shaped.
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