a real review of evolve spray paint

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a real review of evolve spray paint

Postby enzik on Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:07 pm

let me start by saying I dont work for any one i am a consumer and i love spray paint for the past 20 years ive found different brands, different colors have week and strong points i keep alot in my backpack so when i found a new company called evolve the other day i thought what the heck ill give it a go and ordered 11 cans to get a broad idea of its capability. (noticed Mr. Totem ATL. used them what could be the harm)
-lets start with the cap.
i got to different runs one from last year and one from this year (different logos on the cans)
the ones from last year had a ny fat witch some worked some didnt (i tried the caps on mtn, german montana and belton and the same thing happened)
the next was a red cap, black dot, it was a cheap cap thin line but it didnt wanna fit on the cans they sent new or old (but it did work on other brands)
-caps that worked the evolve paint.
ill keep this simple. the skinny caps worked better on some of the colors and clogged almost instantly on others??? (i lost so many gold, beige & gray dots)
all the fat caps i tried work just fine. no problems there... some soft caps worked well for doing Fx.
-the valve system .
this is where i ran into some problems. on the new and old cans some it was almost a street fight trying to get the caps on and off the cans
and others it was pretty normal. i have paint all over my hands every time i put a cap on (exp. NY fats) just before it locks down paint blows out.
-the paint smell.
not toxic kinda fruity reminds me of something but i cant quite place it...
-the Paint
starting the can you'll want to use the fattest cap you have because it comes out like silly string. i've never seen so much junk come out of a can and alot came out! this wasnt a one time thing, matter of fact i still get it from time to time on some of the colors.
the lighter colors wanted to drip but it wasnt to bad
the paint covers if your goin over lighter stuff but darker colors you will need to double up or triple even
i got a color called persimmon witch was kinda dull not very strong until i put it on white.
another color i got was called daybreak. it might as well been call white, i couldnt see any color in it.
the darker reds i got were the better the skinny caps for some reason worked on these? the color covered just fine.
the pink i got said it was gloss but dried flat and cracked when painted over other colors?
-paint use
using it for bombing trains, blockbusters, fill-ins i would say get some fat caps and go for it keep the piece big tho'. as for detail work unless your doing a really large character or have about 100 skinny caps to throw away. dont bother wasting the caps
-can pressure
these are low pressure... which seemed to very from can to can a couple of the cans blasted paint out and others seemed to sputter.
my can of maroon was low pressure but the ones with higher pressure seemed to want to make the paint run at corners.

like i said big stuff this paint is ok heck i might even say if your teaching kids or your just starting out and want to move up to a low pressure can
its an alright beginner paint. but i wouldnt rely on it for doing art or commissions...guys that have painted for a while might just get annoyed using it.
no disrespect to artprimo but i thought people should know before they go to order this from anyone
thanks for your time
enzik fl/oh/rot
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Re: a real review of evolve spray paint

Postby slutsRus on Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:14 pm

I found your review very annoying, and I couldn't finish it in fear of blowing my head off.

Thanks for your time.
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Re: a real review of evolve spray paint

Postby tpfitz42 on Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:44 am

wow, i just created an account to tell you how awful this review is. This forum should be deleted instantly.
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Re: a real review of evolve spray paint

Postby Curb Stomp on Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:37 am

Silver and gold are my personal favs you just spray them in a bag then you go flying.
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Re: a real review of evolve spray paint

Postby IscribbleLots on Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:46 am

Curb Stomp wrote:Silver and gold are my personal favs you just spray them in a bag then you go flying.

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