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Staff Picks
Pilot Jumbo Marker   by Roberto - (See All My Picks)
Pilot Jumbo Marker
Pilot Jumbo Marker  -  [Permanent Markers]

best price, best value. its all you need to do graffiti on a budget. before all the fancy european stuff. before graffiti artists knew they were artists. truly a classic.

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Smash KO Marker   by Armn - (See All My Picks)
Smash KO Marker
Smash KO Marker  -  [Graffiti Markers]

If you arent using this then you arent into graffiti. This marker is buttery smooth but paint like. cant say enough good thins about it. Get a write with it and tell me it isnt your favorite marker. because it will be.

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NY Fatcap   by Duke Eelington - (See All My Picks)
NY Fatcap
NY Fatcap  -  [Male Spray Paint Caps]

New York Fats are the next to universal cap next to the actual Universal Cap.
With tall cans of Montana, you get this buttery fat line perfect for flares. Use it with High Pressure Belton for fills and Premium for outlines. Gently fit it in a new can of Rusto. They work if you know how to work it!

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Spray paint Respirator   by Duke Eelington - (See All My Picks)
Spray paint Respirator
Spray paint Respirator  -  [Accessories]

I highly recommended wearing a respirator EVERY TIME YOU PAINT.
Take the time, initiative and money to properly protect yourself from harmful chemicals, particles and dust in the air. You will feel much better when you are finished and be ready to party after a good paint session.

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130 Black Turquoise   by Armn - (See All My Picks)
130 Black Turquoise
130 Black Turquoise  -  [Belton Molotow Premium]

Aye brah! does anyone need black anymore? I don't man. Especially since we got these black replacements! This color is dope. its deep maaaaan. How deep? like the ocean How deep is that? Like Deep-ak Chopra.

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040 LOOMIT'S Apricot   by Armn - (See All My Picks)
040 LOOMIT'S Apricot
040 LOOMIT'S Apricot  -  [Belton Molotow Premium]

This is the Bee's Knees. First of all it covers great and It goes on sooo smooth! makes a solid line and is one of my faves for halo's, 3D accents and dodads. Get this can and be amazed

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