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Sekt Cap Adapter Pink Questions And Answers
Question: Will these work with the Vegan, Sharpshooters, Ghetto Blasters, and Cyclone Caps?
Answer: (AP Reply) Not too sure since we don/t carry them. Pretty sure if they work on Ironlak, Molotow, Flame, or Montana cans, yes.
Question: Hey, Will these work with Painters Touch, 2X, and any other male Rusto products?
Answer: (AP Reply) Pink - This cap adapter works with many american brands of aerosol paint cans with a more narrow male stem system.</b> We have tested it on Painters Touch, American Accents and Rustoleum. Keep in mind that these brands often use different valves for the same line and even the same color, this adaptor may not work with every can.
Question: Will a sekt Cap adapter work with a astro fat cap?
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes, but you loose a lot of pressure. It wont be nearly as good as it is on a proper can. Sekt adapters work best with most thin tips and NYFs.
  (BillDog Says:) You can use the sekt adapter to transfer the rusto paint into a normal can and use Astro's all day, all you need is 2 needle caps/mixer caps. I only use these to transfer paint, I'm tired of messing with rusto and only having really NY fat and a few other caps that work on the valve.
Question: What is the best thin cap you guys have tried on the adapters? NY fats work well on them so I assumed NY outlines would be my best option but if you guys have any better suggestions please let me know. Thanks
Answer: (AP Reply) Any of the Euro caps that are compatible with the same paint NYFs are will work with the Pink Sekt.
Question: This is a question about the Sket cap with a NY fat on it vs. The AP fem fat caps. I have used Ny fats on crap cans and liked it (does what the classic does) but it was a little hard to get better the decent flares. I have never used the Sekt and read the reviews for both. But I need something for my rusto PTs. Advice?
Answer: (AP Reply) I was about to do a review video for you and just realized we are out of sekt adapters again! Foiled by the supply chain...

Basically they are different. The sekt allows the paint caps to produce a similar volume of spray. But the width is tapered by the loss of pressure from the connection. So flares aren't as good. Which is fine for throw ups and pieces but not great for tags.

The female fat makes a way more buttery/flowy flare. but the volume of paint is lower. SO it doesn't put out as much. Not the best for filling in, but really sick for flare tags & fat, clean outlines.
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Sekt Cap Adapter Pink
Sekt Cap Adapter Pink