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by MAEM -Read all my Reviews 11/03/2009
this is straight up the best eraser felt & roll on deodorant combo. big functional body and super durable felt.. i won't name the brands cuz that's kinda shady. yes, you can obviously make your own and it will be cheaper (especially if you rack the stuff) but i'm sure this is $15 because its hand-made and someone's gotta eat so there's no reason to be a dick and complain about the price.

before you buy it, keep in mind that this mop has to be kept upright otherwise ink will flow out into the cap area and the next time you open it you'll get one of those messy ink surprises.

also it's easy to customize, if you think too much ink is flowing out you can simply add more felt inside the outer fold. and if you have trouble with the nib sinking in, simply put in two small needles between the nib and the edge of the body, that'll hold it in place.

and for the other review, this mop does NOT look sh*tty, i don't know how you can make a hand-made mop look more factory made than this, all taped up 'n sh*t, you're trippin'..

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by Soze -Read all my Reviews 01/06/2016
f*ckin great. I've been makin my own for about 2 years and I think the last one I made was probably the closest to being the real deal, which is THESE. NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO MAKE NYC MOPS LIKE THE DUDE WHO MAKES THESE! He has been makin them for years and he makes them with a wide @$$ nib. I gaurantee you will not be able to make one with as wide of a nib. THe nib is extremely soft, but lasts on rough materials just fine. sh*t runs over smooth surfaces like nothin else. Best flow of ANY mop. To juice it up, just hold up upside down and barely squeeze it. Ink will flood the nib. Then, depending on if you squeeze or not, you can get drips, or clean, smooth lines. Just make sure you keep this in a backpack pocket or sumthin like that where it will not be upside down or squeezed a lot. If you just put it in a pants pocket, it will most likely leak. I just keep mine in my hoodie pocket or in my messenger bag. sh*t works fine that way.
NO PAINT OR PIGMENTED INK, meaning NO SMASH, GK, SOULTIP PAINT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!!!! Only dye based inks. The solvent doesn't matter tho. It can be alcohol, zylene, or whatever kinda ink you want as long as its dye based.
Over all, GREAT MOP. Also, don't b*tch about the price. they are not mass produced. Just made by a few dudes by hand.

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by SeaTownSavage -Read all my Reviews 06/08/2014
Got one of these over a year ago. My friend was really f*cked up and refilled it with f*cking smash. But get this, it still works! I cleaned it and what-not and it's runnin strong. With proper care, this baby can last you years. This leaks bad if it isn't upright, so don't put it in your pocket and for god's sake, do not ever write upside-down with this! Classic drippy marker. Cop one now. Also, AP, I think it's awesome that all of the money is going towards the creator. Whatever he is going through I hope he gets better. Write and Unite!

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by Red Devil 1986 -Read all my Reviews 02/27/2014
Mad props to the originator & I'm not ever knockin anybody's hustle. Handle that! This is definitely a sick piece of history, NYC history. I'm just sayin Making Homemades 101 is an artform & craft. Every writer should know how to or if not that, EXPERIMENT with makin them, just as how you should experiment with making and mixing inks. Other than that, support our NYC Brethren & cop this mop.

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by SHAFT1 ROC -Read all my Reviews 08/03/2012
This is OG New York all the way. I've tried all the markers made and I have even built my own. But, this mop is hands down the best bombing tool you will find. The felt is beyond durable that will last forever, unless you only tag on concrete and only a moron would do that with this gem. Ink flows like a mofo, it is for heavy duty bombing. Worth it's weight in gold. A must for any serious graffiti bomber.

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by Vane -Read all my Reviews 06/20/2012
This is the best best best homemade marker you can buy

dont expect to not get messy with it though, if you leave it on its side expect leaks if you put pressure while holding the marker at the wrong angle expect drips to fall on your kicks and not on the surface...RIP fresh chuck taylors

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

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